US Government Exports Election Fraud To Belgium

Published: Wed 1 Dec 2004 09:56 AM
US Government Exports Election Fraud To Belgium
By Thomas Deflo
On May 18th 2003, the Belgian, Flemish Green party by the name of Agalev (now Groen!) got crushed in the Belgian elections. The ecological party supposedly lost two thirds of its electorate and all its seats in the federal parliament. In reality, the election was a fraud, performed on foreign soil by the CIA with the help of the complicit Belgian State Security. A very successful coup. It is only now that I dare to write down my testimony, because I was harassed and intimidated for over a year.
The reason for the coup's success lie in its long preparation. During the preceding years, Green party members were criticized and ridiculed in the majority of media outlets, some falsely accused of judicial wrongdoings. This propaganda was orchestrated, as the CIA has done in so many other coups around the world. The source of this propaganda evidently came from the Belgian CIA-linked State Security, under the direction of Koen Dassen, and was produced by the US embassy. This relentless attempt to skew the public mind set, also known as psyops, slowly started paying off. The rather gullible Belgian people absorbed the negative portraying of the ecological party, with no clue as to the propaganda's real origin nor to its eventual purpose: to make a total defeat at the election credible. Many media corporations lost all sense of objectivity and cooperated in order to effectively destroy the Green party's public image.
The election fraud was next prepared by a fraudulent poll in an allied newspaper, exactly one week before voting day. All polls had indicated a share of around 8% of votes for the Green party. The fraudulent poll indicated less than 5%. In Belgium, a party is not allowed to stay in parliament if it drops under 5%. A week later elections were held and miraculously Agalev got exactly 4,9%. The Green party had to leave the parliament and the government. This signified the end of a progressive, left-wing party in Flemish politics.
Fundamental to a soft coup d'état, of course, is the vote fraud itself. Just like in the U.S., Belgians vote mainly by way of touch screen machines. The system is transparently prone to fraud. The voters receive magnetic cards which are inserted in the voting machine slot. The cards then register the votes, and must be retracted from the machine to be brought back to the local booth computer, swallowing all cards and supposedly adding up their results on a floppy disk. Upon closure of the voting bureau, all floppy disks from all voting stations are then centralized in the local city hall and processed, behind closed curtains.
In Belgium, the whole voting chain, by royal law, is controlled by the Ministry of Interior. Under the veil of 'security', the counting of the votes is totally opaque to external, parliamentary oversight. I witnessed this personally as an official delegate for the Green party during election day in the municipality of Schaerbeek. Party delegates were not allowed to witness the tally: it was strictly forbidden to enter the rooms where the counting process occurred. Party members simply had to wait for a sheet of paper with the supposed results to be handed over to them. Present administrators, not at least the sitting election judge, were as far from neutrality as possible, chanting victory as they 'read' the results for their preferred party. I was dumbfounded to see how, what were clearly party stooges, were in charge of counting the votes.
Fortunately, there is one last hope for a party witness to have some impact on the voting system: he can write down his remarks in an official document, which can then be used by the party, if wanted, to file a protest and demand a recount. This official document is the so-called 'Proces Verbal'. At the end of the day, however - and here, the suspicion was obvious - the sitting judge refused to prepare the document. This was not only in clear violation with the proper election procedure, it was also evidently fraudulent.

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