Top 10 Good Things About Being Gerry Brownlee

Published: Tue 2 Dec 2003 02:20 PM
Top 10 good things about being Gerry Brownlee
1. If any of the Brat Pack cause trouble my job is to throw them down the stairs.
2. I get my own postal code.
3. Statistics New Zealand has initiated a new research project designed to count my chins.
4. I'm often mistaken for Carlos Spencer.
5. Don's appointed me shadow spokesman for woodwork.
6. I never get blown around by those fierce Wellington winds.
7. I'm highly sought after by my colleagues for my ability to create a one-man rent-a-crowd for public meetings.
8. I always get a Beehive lift to myself.
9. I have an 'enduring affection' for things radio.
10. No one else wants the Ilam seat after I've sat in it.
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St Molesworth
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