Top 10 Signs You're Enrolled In A Dodgy IT Course

Published: Wed 5 Nov 2003 11:05 AM
Top 10 signs you're enrolled in a dodgy computer course
1. Your tutor has worked more on `PD' than `PDF'.
2. Course advertisements are stamped `Approved by NZQA'.
3. As an inducement to enrol, it offers a six pack of beer and a carton of smokes.
4. You ask the tutor where you can get some Coke and he replies "I don't know, but there's a P Lab in Room 10".
5. The computers are not only wireless, but also cordless.
6. You notice all the software is branded 'Mikerosoft'.
7. Ctrl Alt Delete takes you to a page asking you for your Westpac account details.
8. When she can't answer a question the tutor refers you to one of the receivers.
9. The lesson takes twice as long as planned because the tutor is simultaneously working as a telemarketer using a phone in the lab.
10. Your diploma is signed by the Minister of Education, Dr Bernie Ogilvy.
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