Scoop Feedback: Zaoui – Paul Holmes - Politics

Published: Tue 7 Oct 2003 11:53 AM
Scoop Feedback: Zaoui – Paul Holmes - Politics
Feedback: Free Ahmed Zaoui
Keith Locke's press release on the deteriorating mental condition of Ahmed Zaoui is deeply disturbing. What the hell are we doing in this country? We've kept a man in solitary confinement for ten months, driven him insane, denied him any sort of trial or judicial oversight of his imprisonment, on the basis of evidence that is at best shonky, and better described as total bullshit.
This has to stop, and those responsible need to be squicked hard for it. What they have done in our name is absolutely intolerable. Ahmed Zaoui should be released, and he should not only receive a grovelling apology, but the resignations of those responsible for his imprisonment.
Holmes racist infantile outburst
I wish to applaud you for reporting the Holmes racist outburst over his Cheeky Darkie comments as a consequence of the NZ delegation speech to the general assembly of the United Nations the previous day. It was widely reported in the UK press as denigrated the Rugby World cup winners ! He was incensed the previous day, at being upstages by the government as he did not agree with Phill Goffs statement over Iraq at the UN. HE HAS TO GO - ZB MANAGEMENT MUST TERMINATE HIS CONTRACT. Keep up the good work SCOOP !!!
Iain Morrison – United Kingdom
Fire Paul Holmes
I've been in Australia 2 years now for work, and deeply miss home. It was by chance that I found this about Paul Holmes. Paul you claim to have helped the boat people and that we should be forgiving because of that, WRONG! A lot of these people risk their lives and the lives of their kids to live in a country where people are as one. Where they wont be judged on colour or religion. The damage you've done is unforgiving.
We're laughing at you Paul Holmes; not with you.
If it were only his one foolish outburst of racisim and rudeness one might think that this was a nine day wonder (oops, it's more than nine days now though) which will soon pass. ZB and TV One might just go on happily employing Paul Homes.
But for every minute they persist they themselves further loose face. They too are being seen as laughable and without credit. The backbone has gone out of any useful debate on these media. (The newspapers, however are more to be relied on while this Holmes debacle goes on.)
As was pointed out, by one of our excellent journalists, the use of the word 'we' (as if he spoke for all of us) is unforgiveable. To blether a few words on TV by way of a public apology is totally inadequate. He should be writing four million plus letters of apology to be forwarded to each and every New Zealander. And those foolish enough not to want him sacked should be licking the stamps.
That may go some little way to dispel the damage he himself thought he had done in his fitful outburst.
This is not a competition about who is a good presenter and who is not. This is about one who has no one to blame but himself. I don't want to be part of his listening or watching public knowing of the things he has said over the past year, more in fact. I tried, did I ever, but I got sick of drawing breathe at his bad manners and lack of good journalisim; which I've never thought he was, as I say rather a bad presenter.
Benita Kape
Holmes's racist coment
I think Paul Holmes is a stupid racist because of his racist words, and i think something should be done Kofi anaan is one of the world's most respected leaders.
sack paul holmes
Broadcasting in NZ needs to move into the 21st century and raise professional standards to the level of the international media. Paul Holmes and his antiquated style is a hindrance to this progress. His latest demoralizing ranting reveals a mind that is obviously unhinged. It is culturally, morally and politically unsafe to keep him on the air.
Paul Holmes
What a storm in a teacup, what's up with 'godsmoan? are we becoming a nation of politically correct zombies and clones..heavens forbid that we have lost our sense of kiwi humour..what a lot of pompous moaning desiccated minded twits, beating drums of a deadzone mentality. Paul, Jim and the rest of the sparkling wits, amaze us,alert us, shock us,we need you this land of the twilight zone..hmmmm twilight, sorta dusk hmmmmmmm? is that politically correct? wheres my book on Noddy?.....Noddy wasn't driving a mitza bitzi was he now?:>)
Helena Blomfield
Paul Holmes
While I admire the sentiment of those speaking up against racism I think they would be better employed demanding the resignation of cops, prosecutors and judges and that search, charge and convict Maori youth with extreme prejudice.
The role of the media is to be a forum for public debate. Every view no matter how offensive to the sensitive should be given a place on the speaking list. I've heard a recording of Holmes' comments and he was clearly lampooning warmongering right-wing pundits in the US. Those who have taken him literally are rather naive.
It's not like he was making humour out of raping children or eating the dead. And even if he was, ultimately offence can only be taken, not given. As long as he wasn't raping children, eating the dead, owning slaves or guarding aushwitz himself I can't see he deserves to lose his job. Much as I think he's an overpaid shock-jock, he's mild compared to his Ozzie or US counterparts and quite progressive on some issues eg queer rights.
Paul Holmes
IS fantastic, realistic down to earth and helped a helluva lot of people in his role as a broadcaster. People like you and me and Cameron Duncan and brought a lot of peoples lives and their battles to the attention of everyone. He has the odd faux pas now and then - I love that as it just makes him more like us all. Im glad he sometimes speaks without thinking - WE can ALL relate to that !!
M Thomas
Holmes Sacking
YES, Holmes is far beyond his 'use by date'. there are much better more intelligent radio broadcasters out there, waiting to take over. The infantile outburst, unedited by ZB management,went far beyond mere verbal and written apologies. He has inflamed a tiny nation and caused NZ considerable embarresment worldwide, reported here in the UK and Europe in the newspapers. He was livid that Phill Goff had the night before made an excellent speech in front of the UN General Assembly. He went far beyond what the majority consider as fair play. He needs to be given the RED CARD NOW !!! Frankly, he is a joke and a national embaressment to all Kiwis
iain morrison
Paul Holmes: Welcome to the Fourth Reich
There is every reason to have Paul Holmes taken off the air. Certain newspaper columnists have offered various viewpoints, usually along the lines of 'It's all going a bit overboard'. One stresses that it is really only out-of-touch academics or similarly inclined nitpickers who wish to see the back of Holmes. The very same columnist says it's the lot of such people as Holmes that they will at some point be derided, in the main because they are successful and others are jealous of this. They say he is only, essentially, echoing what goes on in our living rooms every day, so it's really just a case of saying what many of us would love to say but don't. Excuse me. Not mine. Not my friends either. The next preposterous scenario is that the best way to get rid of Holmes is to turn the TV off. I (and those I know who consider themselves evolved) don't watch him anyway, so how would that
Alan Benton
Dunne Criticism Of Nats Uncalled For
Peter Dunne’s criticism of the appointment of National MP Judith Collins as Opposition Family Spokesman was uncalled for.
To say that the appointment was “shallow political posturing” is cynical and untrue.
The National Party has always been the natural advocate of families. Indeed, Sid Holland, leader of the National Party 60 years ago said on the subject: “We believe that the true source of joy and strength is to be found in a happy family life in the homes of the people.”
Bill English chose this time to appoint a Family Spokesman because United Future is propping up a radical feminist government intent on destroying the foundation of our society, the family. Never before has the family been under such threat.
Dunne had one shot, one opportunity to seize the Christian Centre Right vote but, like the proverbial leopard, couldn’t change his left-wing spots.
Yours faithfully
Michael Williams
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