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Published: Tue 16 Sep 2003 09:18 AM
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Message sent to 40 reporters at the Boston Globe
September 5, 2003
Richard H. Gilman, Publisher
POB 2378
Boston, MA 02107-2378
Dear Mr. Gilman:
Who called Mayor Willie Brown, telling him not to fly on September 11?
Who purchased all the put options against the downed aircraft that day, earning him/them millions of dollars? And why hasn't this been given serious attention by the press?
Why were we told these victims were calling from cell phones from those doomed aircraft when calling from cells at their air position would have to be deemed technically impossible?
Why were the alleged terrorists' names not on the passenger manifests of the downed aircraft? (And since they were not on the manifests, how could they have been identified, and so rapidly? As a matter of fact, sir, I was a flight attendant for eight years and I can tell you point blank, if they're not on the manifest, they are not on board. No ifs ands or buts on that one.)
Why were the bin Laden family members flown out of the country when all planes were supposed to have been grounded? In fact, why were they even allowed to leave the country without first being interrogated?
Why does everything we've been told about 911 sound like a badly written B-movie script? Consider that silly staged passport that was supposed to have frisbee'd itself clear of all that carnage! The Koran found in a parked car at the airport. Some book on how to fly an airplane . . . and the date itself: 911. All of it, strictly corn. It would be knee slappingly laughable were it not so tragic.
Why have attempts at investigations as to what really happened been thwarted by the government? Aren't they supposed to want to know?
Why did that imbecilic-puppet-who-did-not-win-the-election sit there in a classroom reading a goat story for a good twenty minutes after he'd been informed that the Twin Towers had been hit?
Why did the WTC Towers collapse with the sort of symmetry associated with demolition? Why did three towers collapse when only two here hit?
Why don't newspapers and TV "journalists" talk about the longstanding relationship of the Bushes and the bin Ladens? Or the ties to Adolf Hitler of the president's grandfather, Prescott Bush, in the early 1940s?
Why have we never seen a single picture of the plane that supposedly hit the Reichstag---um, excuse me, the Pentagon? Just some scattered pieces (read: plants). And why was the damage not in keeping with what a jumbo jet would have really done? The hole in the building wasn't even big enough to have accommodated such an impact.
Why was our civil defense ordered to stand down on that fateful day? A general, allowed to speak only once on television, said so.
Let us repeat that first question: Who called Willie Brown, telling him not to fly on Sept. 11? An Arab terrorist? Or Condoleeza Rice?
Ah Mr. Gilman, I think at some level every American knows the answers to all these questions. It's just that Americans are terrified of the truth, that their own government engineered the entire catastrophic affair. Foreigners know. Americans, however, have their collective frightened heads in the sand. And we have no real journalists, apparently.
Marilyn A. Guinnane
Martin Baron, Editor
Renee Loth, Editor, Editorial Page
Helen W. Donovan, Executive Editor
Richard J. Daniels, President
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