John Kaminski: The Real Terrorist Is George Bush

Published: Mon 27 Jan 2003 11:14 AM
The Real Terrorist Is George W. Bush
By John Kaminski
America is frightening the world. The vaunted beacon of freedom has turned into a Ku Klux Klan bonfire.
Maybe some sadists think that's a good idea, but the genuinely decent people of this planet surely don't.
Incited by an endless barrage of dubious bluster about the sudden need for all-out war against a bomb-ravaged Third World nation, people in 38 different countries came out by the hundreds of thousands last weekend to sound the alarm about this spreading American madness.
And we all know the reason why.
The man who claims to lead the fight against terror is terrorizing the entire world.
He terrrorizes little old American ladies by making them strip naked at airports and having their private parts probed by minimum-wage security Nazis searching for weapons of mass destruction. He terrorizes allies around the world with bribes and threats into saying exactly what he says regardless of what they actually think. He terrorizes opposition party politicians into nervous silence when planes fall out of the sky with no explanation.
The belligerent little twit from Texas has singlehandedly has turned the world's greatest democracy into a paranoid police state. He recently killed 5,000 people in Afghanistan without a shred of verifiable evidence, and now is threatening to do it again ... and again and again and again.
No single person in recent history has motivated so many people in so many places to interrupt their daily lives and stand out on some strange street in order to try to save the lives of innocent people they've never met.
Colossal demonstrations took place last weekend in cities all over the United States, from Portland to Tampa to Montpelier. Washington drew 500,000 and San Francisco saw 200,000 (although the pro-war, corporate shill TV networks cynically refuse to confirm those totals). Concerned people protested all over Europe as well, from London to Istanbul, and in Brazil, Japan and New Zealand. There was even a peace demonstration in Antarctica.
Yet the plans for another United States war against its former ally Iraq continue at a frenzied pace, with rumors circulating across the Internet this weekend that America will begin dropping bombs on the Iraqi people at the exact moment George W. Bush delivers his State of the Union event this coming Tuesday night.
How cynically telegenic! Death from the sky as a hot new TV show.
Despite all the hysterical mumbo jumbo about unending terror alerts that never seem to materialize and draconian new laws that have gutted America's fabled Bill of Rights, people of the world with the intelligence to analyze events without the aid of cutesy but ignorant commentators on the Fascist News Network (a.k.a. Fox) know that all the pro-war propaganda is just a screen of strident lies.
People know America wants to steal Iraq's oil, and if the U.S. gets away with this, there will be no reason for it not to continue its Genghis Khan-like rampage into Iran and Saudi Arabia, all the while trumpeting the hollow mantras of "national security" and "war on terror."
This is exactly the rationale a falsely speaking America used in Vietnam. "We had to destroy the village in order to save it." Only now it's: "In order to fight terror we must use terror." It's all just another variant of Orwell's "war is peace."
America wants to enslave the entire world to make it "free."
Another raison d'etre for this continuing American aggression in Iraq is Israel, which seeks to expand its own borders far beyond what they are now, and having a U.S.-controlled Iraq in which to dump Palestinian exiles would fit nicely into the plans of this conscienceless neo-Nazi state.
I myself, however, don't believe that either oil or Israel are the primary reasons behind this new Iraq attack. I believe it's really about controlling the focus of the news, manipulating the opinions of the population, and most of all, deflecting attention from the hunt for who really engineered the World Trade Center disaster.
And, to a lesser extent, to divert the public's attention from the criminal activities of Enron, Halliburton, and Harken, which robbed and in some cases continue to rob the American people of billions of dollars at the exact time when the American stock exchange is essentially bankrupt and certainly unworthy of the attention of intelligent investors.
A war in Iraq keeps people from focusing on these more important issues, and the petro-connected corporate news media are only too willing to assist Bush in the deception.
Just look at what has happened in the recent past. When people began asking questions about the 9/11 horror, anthrax attacks were invented to deflect the public's attention.
When crucial votes about new security measures effectively nullifying the U.S. Constitution caught the public's eye, terror alert after terror alert grabbed the headlines, and the USA Patriot Act was passed without most of the members of Congress even reading it.
Then, when the Enron effluent finally hit the fan, after tens of thousands of people had been robbed of substantial amounts of money by Texas billionaires, suddenly Iraq became a pressing problem, and the mass media has scarcely looked elsewhere since. It has had absolutely no time or space to property investigate Vice President Cheney's conspiracy with energy executives to fleece the populace in the biggest scam since the S fire sales, which not-so-coincidentally was another Bush operation.
Now, I'm sitting here on this bright, chilly Saturday morning watching CNN blather on about the supposed pros and cons of getting the government-mandated smallpox vaccine, but of course the beautiful anchorpeople fail to mention the most salient fact about this issue: that all smallpox epidemics throughout history have been caused by vaccination programs. This program was invented as a response to those staged anthrax attacks, which have never been solved and were dropped from the media lineup when the trail seemed to lead right back to the government.
When was the last time you heard a word the criminal activities of Enron, or all those other corporations which helped enrich our leaders while it screwed ordinary people?
But most importantly, when was the last time you heard a whisper about why the U.S. air defenses ALLOWED the 9/11 attacks to happen, why fires at the bases of three towers burned for 100 days, or why billions of dollars changed hands in stock machinations in the days immediately preceeding this unprecedented tragedy?
A long time, for sure. All we've heard for the last six months is how Saddam is connected to al-Qaida (not proven), how Iraq is hiding weapons of mass destruction (not proven), and how Iraq is an imminent threat to the security of the United States (you couldn't prove this in a court of law even if you bought the whole jury!). And all these repetitive lies have served the purpose of the criminals in charge, to distract us from the truly important issues.
That's why Bush can calmly comment about how peace demonstrations are a natural and expected part of American "freedom." Although these statements make many people vomit for their blatant insincerity, he can express this thought because the demonstrations are an unwitting part of the coverup of the more important questions, which certainly are about what cabal of insiders engineered the execution of this "new Pearl Harbor" that a Republican think tank so urgently recommended more than a year before the 9/11 tragedy.
Whatever happened to Osama bin Laden? He disappeared faster than last year's hot new sitcom. I believe — if he is not dead, or never existed in the first place — that someone in American intelligence knows exactly where Osama bin Laden is, but that he's fulfilled his contract with the CIA, served his purpose, and now is to be left alone. Hell, he's probably in the federal witnesss protection program.
And what of al-Qaida, the mystery revolutionary group that these days is blamed for just about every untoward event in the entire world. al-Qaida, like Saddam Hussein and Manuel Noriega, was originally funded by the United States for geopolitical intrigues in central Asia. This relationship, like the one with bin Laden, supposedly ended somewhere along the way, but the people who are telling us this are the same big media buffoons who insists that smallpox shots are safe, that Iraq is an imminent threat to the security of the United States, and that polls say Bush is the cat's meow.
Maybe he's the dead cat's meow.
I don't know if it's really fair to call George W. Bush a terrorist president, because he is really only using the terrroristic threat of using the American military to get what he wants politically. But on the other hand, just as he did signing all those Texas executions, he does seem to be enjoying it, a Napoleonic martinet strutting upon the stage with his draft-dodging cronies, playing commander-in-chief with a warchest of deadly, high-tech toys. So maybe it is fair to call him a terrorist president.
There's an old biker legend that insists: when you fire a bullet at someone in anger, that bullet will — someday, someplace, someway — come back on you.
Or, to put it more simply, as you sow, so shall you reap. Just think about what's coming to us as a result of how our unelected president has terrorized the whole world.
The real terrrorist is George W. Bush.
John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the coast of Florida and knows that the American government is now treating its own citizens in the same way it treats everybody else in the world.

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