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Published: Tue 15 Oct 2002 10:41 AM
In This Edition: Spanking Is An Expression Of My Christian Faith - ACC Experience - Peter Meikle & The James Cook Hotel - Thanks To Maree Howard - What Now Of Appeasement - Hey Guys... – Leopold Is Delusional - Anti Semitism
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Spanking Is An Expression Of My Christian Faith
“He who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him” (Proverbs 13:24). “Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child, but the rod of correction drives it far from him” (Proverbs 22:15).
Spanking is the loving way to correct and discipline children. Spanking is also an expression of my Christian faith, guaranteed by section 15 of the Bill of Rights Act. After 22 years of parenting six children I will also say it works wonderfully.
The anti-spanking lobby labels parents who spank as violent. This ideology is uninformed, for spanking and child abuse have totally different motivations, methodologies, objectives and outcomes. If it is violence they oppose, the brutal abortion houses, ripping apart 16,000 unborn New Zealanders every year, could use some attention.
Manipulating the law to impose their uninformed ideology onto everyone else, the anti-spanking lobby will use state agents to remove children from homes that spank. Traumatised by separation, these children will then be put into state care where studies show they are many times more likely to suffer real abuse.
The anti-spanking lobby should wake up: they appear to be irrational, anti-Christian and anti-family.
Yours faithfully
Craig Smith
Peter Meikle & The James Cook Hotel
I note your 1 July release on an article of 26 June 02 released 1 July 02 on the James Cook hotel and my father Peter, Tourism Minister Mark Burton and Roy Mckenzie.
My father passed away on Sunday morning aged 77.
If any articles are to be written on the history of the James Cook I would like to set the record straight.
My father was ''the'' visionary for the White Heron Lodge and James Cook Hotel.
Rangitira Trust were merely the financial vehicle behind some of the funding. My father also was managing director and served director on many other boards. he served as flight engineer in the WWII and was given a DFM.
He had a very very colourful career and is survived by his wife four children and their 9 children.
Jonathan Meikle
ACC Experience
Hi folks,
It appears that ACC treat their Ministers with contempt as well.
In May 2001 I wrote a letter to ACC setting explaining why my premiums remained unpaid, and asking for a review of the handling of my case following my serious injury in a motor vehicle accident in 1996. I sent copies of the letter to the Minister in charge of ACC, and to the ACC complaints investigator.
The Minister (Lianne Dalziel) sent me a letter saying that she had referred my letter to an investigator in the office ACC Complaints Investigator.
This [person] claimed that he couldn't find any details of my original claim, and thus didn't investigate it's handling by ACC, despite having the matter referred to him by the Minister. The wording of his correspondence obviously betrayed him as a lawyer, after all, you don't find a file if you don't look for it.
Having enough excrement to push uphill, and being once again driven to extreme anger by ACC's offhand and cynical treatment, I didn't press the point. It seemed very likely that I would get nowhere anyway.
Mark Robinson
Thanks To Maree Howard
Hi All
A special thank you to Scoop and Maree Howard for her articles on ACC. I am a current claimant and personally haven't been to badly dealt with however I have an open wound so injury is fairly obvious. I also have an excellent G.P.
Even so I have been sent to various assessors and specialists. I also have been sent to Workbridge who were basically told to find me a job even though my G.P. has assessed me as being capable of working only 12 hours per week.
I am a 50 year old male and ended up in tears at the Workbridge offices. I have been on ACC for about 3 years because the wound will not heal despite 2 skin grafts and various treatments.
I have been put on Prozac by my G.P. mainly because of my semi breakdown at Workbridge about a year ago. I have absolutely no history of that type of problem prior to this.
I believe Workbridge and possibly case managers are paid to get people off ACC and therefor $s are the motivating factor all through the system.
Perhaps if it was run less as a profit making business and more like the hospital system where improving peoples lives and health was the motivating factor people working for ACC might be less focused on getting "stock off the books".
It seems that for ACC staff it is us against them and that claimants are getting their money fraudulently unless they can prove otherwise time and time again.
With this hanging over a claimants head all the time it becomes very, very stressful.
Any way those are my thoughts and once again thanks to all and especially Maree.
Needless to say I have voted accordingly.
Kind Regards
What Now Of Appeasement
Each time there is a terrorist attack and it is closer to New Zealand, I ask the question of the Prime Minister "Just how benign is the environment we live in and what was she and the Labour Party thinking when they tore the entrails out of what remained of our defence capability and ANZUS alliance?"
Advertising New Zealand as a safe, clean and green pasture as was done post-911 is all very well. But one only has to look a Bali, and the events over the last few days, to realise that is no protection against the horrors being perpetrated by the world's terrorists.
In fact, it is that very image which must now becoming an attraction to these people. The greatest result will not be achieved by inflicting further horrors on a country or region that has become almost desensitised to such events, but by targeting those that have never experienced such things.
It is now time for New Zealanders to listen to what is going on, reflect on the change in tactics being implemented by those whose sole desire is to impose their own extreme ideological view of life, and let the government know we want no part of appeasement. It does not work.
Mirek Marcanik
Hey Guys...
Hey Guys, I'm impressed. Keep up the excellent work. I'll be back, often.
Rod Hinchco
Leopold Is Delusional
Scoop is right into the conspiracy theories. What a load of crap Leopold has published. Salon have quite clearly decided that they cannot verify the email that is supposedly evidence of wrongdoing.
If leopold really has a copy of an email then why not publish it together with the header information that would show it really came from Enron and was not the figment of an overactive imagination to get a good story. He excuses a number of his own failings but does nothing to support his central problem. the fictional email!
Scoop took what seems to a reasonable person to be a reasonable response. They published in the first place but all media have a responsibility to rely on truth, not fantasy
I actually had some sympathy for Leopold until I read his response to the Salon post. He should give up or prove it.
Scoop's standards seem to be getting lower.
Regards Phil Sage
Anti Semitism
Dear Sir/Madam
As an expatriate Kiwi I enjoy reading scoop in the morning before work to get a pretty cool update of news from home.
However recently - I have seen an almost in balance of reporting on the Palestinian - Israel issue.
The reports are one sided - the Palestinian side.
Although I agree on the severity of this conflict and the importance that peace is achieved (I was based in the Middle East for 7 years 1994-2001), your reports are now bearing on Anti Semitism - a reflection of Arab reporting. and a sad feature of New Zealand in pre WW2.
I believe this is not your priority and that in future - we may see a balance in your coverage - including the Israel side.
Remember our country has many Kiwi Jews - an important part of our National fabric for over 150 years.
We cannot allow what is happening in Europe ( rise in Anti - Semitism) to happen again in our backyard through media encouragement (not Scoop at present).
Apart from this - keep up the good work
Yours Sincerely
Dene Green
Dear Dene, thank you for your recent email regarding Scoop coverage.
I respond with particular reference to your concern that Scoop's coverage of the Israeli/Palestinian crisis displays bias toward Palestinians and therefore is anti-Israeli. I wish to assure you that our coverage is not biased against any sovereign state, economy, religion, or race. Our policy of balance is applied with a respect for humanitarian ideas, and, as such is our guiding rod when considering editorials and reports for Scoop.
We thank you for your regular support and trust our explanation makes sense. Perhaps you would consider writing the occasional piece relaying your views. Your experience in the Middle East would certainly add positively to this issue.
Thanks again.
Kind regards, Selwyn Manning.]
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