Enya IS Working on LOTR Music!

Published: Tue 2 Oct 2001 09:02 AM
By Xoanon
From Scoop's LOTR Content Partner
This comes to me from an insider in London, seems that Enya was there recently (or at least she recorded some music recently that was there) along with Howard Shore working on some LOTR music, read on!
"I have a few friends who were (snipped due to secrecy) with Enya last week in London.
I think they had to sign a confidentiality agreement, so I'm not sure they can talk anyway, but I can confirm that her song is covering the closing credits, it's in English, and the backing is a full orchestra with various interesting percussion (tam-tams etc) and a large choir humming.
I couldn't discover the name of the song. The studios were in North London, I think.
They did say that Howard Shore was one of the most laid-back conductors they ever worked for! Not in a bad way: just very, very relaxed!
He conducted all the sessions. I'm not sure if Enya was there herself, I think she might have recorded her part already.
I only know the percussion section was large and varied, with different types of drums."
(Story also posted at - See also SCOOP'S LOTR SPECIAL FEATURE PAGE.)

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