Eyewitness Report From A Kiwi In Downtown NYC

Published: Wed 12 Sep 2001 04:54 AM
EDITORS NOTE: The following note was received this morning by email from a friend now based in New York.
Subject: To All
Just a note to let you know we are OK.
Man. What a unbelievable sight. The first explosion woke me up and sent us scurrying to the back fire escape. We were watching, unable to comprehend the 15 floor blazing hole in the side of the WTC building. Thats when the second explosion came from the other building.
The collapse of the towers was unexpected and physically shocking. Palls of smoke masked the fact that the towers no longer existed - the absence of the large antenae on top being the only confirmation.
Sirens fill the air - the cloudless blue sky is obliterated by the clouds of smoke. People are on the streets wandering aimlessly. All exits from Manhattan are closed and the city that never sleeps has ground to a gut wrenching halt.
The continuous rumble of the subway trains on Manhattan Bridge beside our house are silent. The lack of sound is very disconcerting.
Its hard to comprehend the impact of this event and hard to imagine there will be no retaliation.
I suppose we can wait only wait to see what dusk will bring.
Arohanui to you all
Keri xx
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