Media Flash - June 25, 2001

Published: Tue 26 Jun 2001 09:56 AM
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Rural Press Writes Off .Com Millions
* JOHN B. FAIRFAX'S Rural Press announced on Friday that it would write down its entire investment in DirectAg.Com Inc just eight months after purchasing a 20 per cent in the website. Impact will be about $13 million according to The Daily Telegraph. Purchase price in October was $23.91 million. The company wrote down $7 million last month on its Street Vision acquisition.
Changes in Melbourne Suburbans
* NEIL COLLYER, State Manager for Fairfax Community Newspapers (Victoria), has suspended publication of The Whitehorse Journal, based in Box Hill. The paper has been registering 24-page editions over recent months. Its sister Monash Journal, Knox Journal and the Maroondah and Yarra Valley Journals are recording much stronger performances. Box Hill has always been a top town for local weeklies: Leader Newspapers published the Box Hill Gazette for a number of a years, but merged it into the Nunawading Gazette (now Whitehorse Leader).
* JOHN GANNAN'S creation of the Frankston-Longbeach Flyer and Mornington Flyer was taken over by FCN about one year ago. The paper is re-badged as the Frankston & District Journal from this week. It is up against the Leader papers (Frankston Standard is probably the last paper that will be re-badged) and FELIX GANDER'S Independent News Group. The Independent has re-organised its Property section to now have a 91,000 circulation.
* JIM LAWRENCE will soon be leaving the Managing Editor's post at The Community News at Airport West. The two papers (Moreland and Moonee Valley) were absorbed into the FCN group last year.
'Media Watch' Team Hired
* ROBERT BOLTON of The Australian Financial Review reports that the team that produced Media Watch for the ABC has been hired by SBS to assemble a business program. The new show will be aired on Sundays at 6pm.
Age Takes Over 'Express'
* GREG HYWOOD, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of The Age, has been given responsibility of the Fairfax commuter paper, Melbourne Express. CEO FRED HILMER says incumbent MEL WHARTON will take up 'other senior responsibilities'.
Memo: SMH, Age
* SHMUEL ROSENKRANZ will be Editor-in-Chief for a novel 'Living Newspaper' presentation to be held on Sunday (July 1) by the Federation of Polish Jews. Articles will be presented live, at the meeting to be held at the Auditorium of Holocaust Centre, Elsternwick. Letters to the Editor will be able to be lodged by 'readers' from the floor.
* ROSENKRANZ, President of the Federation, will host a range of speakers including PROFESSOR ANDREW EHRENKREUTZ, ABRAHAM CYKIERT, MICHAEL NADWORNY and SAMUEL BENNETT.
* Is the idea practical for community promotion of serious papers such as The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, similar to the forums organised by Age Communications Director NIGEL HENHAM? In the US, a number of the TV networks hold 'Town Hall' presentations with debates on community topics.
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NSW Govt. Examines TV Spots
* ROCHELLE BURBURY writes in The Australian Financial Review that NSW Minister for Fair Trading, JOHN WATKINS has announced an inquiry into television infomercials and advertorials following 2709 complaints about advertisers in the past two years. 'The Fair Trading Advisory Council will investigate disguised advertising including chat show formats.'
New Travel Mag For Quickies
* JIM CLARKE tells us that Nuance Multimedia will launch a bi-annual travel magazine aimed at people seeking short breaks. Entitled Quick Escapes, the magazine will be 200-plus pages of destination features, ideas for memorable getaways ranging from a weekend to a week, stories on individual holiday properties, general travel issues and celebrity travellers.
* CLARKE says there will be controlled free distribution to support newsagency sales in a total circulation of 30,000 copies. The first edition will be published at the beginning of November. "Content will be a mix of high-quality editorial by commissioned established travel writers and celebrity columnists, and property profiles," CLARKE said.
* Former ACP sales executive MANDY EYLES is Sales Director. She explained there would be two levels of advertising: agency/corporate and paid backgrounders on individual establishments. "With people working longer hours, they are demanding improved quality leisure and many are seeking a series of short breaks, rather than one big annual holiday. They are looking for accessible, reader-friendly ideas on where to go and how to make best use of their limited time. Quick Escapes will meet that need.'
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Cumberland Closes Offices
* WILLIAM VERITY, Editor of the Fairfield City Champion (NSW), was highlighted in last week's Media Flash, lamenting the departure of RUPERT MURDOCH'S Cumberland Newspapers' local weekly, The Fairfield Advance, as office tenants in the Fairfield circulation area.
* JOHN BOOTH, Publisher of the North Ryde-based Weekly Times local paper, has just done the same with a front-page yarn: 'Northern District Times departing Eastwood and TWT Territory': 'RUPERT MURDOCH'S Cumberland Newspaper Group Northern District Times is closing its Eastwood office and moving staff to its head office. The Weekly Times will then be the only Local and Independent Weekly Newspaper with registered Head Office publishing in the local area. We are sad to see our competitors folding their tent and departing but wish them well in their new foreign environment. R.I.P.'
* DI BARTOK, Editor of The Northern District Times, in a front-page article headlined 'We're Still Yours', says she plans that her reporters will hold regular coffee and chat sessions with readers and advertisers: 'The NDT will be moving its office to Cumberland Newspapers headquarters in Parramatta to take advantage of support services and the latest technology aimed at bringing you the best possible local newspaper. The move from Eastwood is expected to happen in about six weeks time. We will keep you posted ... the latest move by Cumberland Newspapers, aimed at taking advantage of the extra professional support available at head office will see the Northern District Times, the Glebe and Inner Western Weekly, the Blacktown Advocate and Parramatta Advertiser working from Macquarie Street, Parramatta.'
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Suburban Winners
* NICK MOUNTSTEPHEN of Eastbourne Communications was Judge for the Australian Suburban Newspapers' Association Southern Division Awards For Excellence presentations held at the Melbourne Town Hall on June 8. Community newspapers from Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania were included in the assessment. FELIX GANDER, MD of Victoria's Independent News Group (Hastings, Vic.), congratulated his staff for winning the Best Newspaper Award for circulation under 40,000 with The Mail (Mornington): 'It is very satisfying for a locally owned newspaper group to win such high recognition among the peer products. The award belongs to all the staff at The Independent News Group who continuously strive to produce the best possible newspapers and service in a medium which carries more responsibility and recognition than ever before.'
* Best Suburban Newspaper Less Than 40,000 Circulation. 1. Mornington Mail. 2. Williamstown Advertiser. 3. The City Messenger.
* Best Suburban Newspaper Over 40,000 Circulation. 1. Progress Press. 2. Diamond Valley News. 3. Eastern Courier, Whitehorse Gazette, Stonnington Leader.
* Best News Story. 1. Southern Times Messenger - Onkaparinga Council. 2. Portside Messenger - Nursing Home Shortage Hits QEH Beds. 3. The Weekly Times Messenger - Council Unit To Be Investigated.
* Best Pictorial News Story. 1. Community News - Moreland. Dye House On Death Row, by ANNABEL WOODWARD and BRENDAN McCARTHY. 2. Knox News - Dr Smith - Country Round - by BEN HOPKINSON and STUART McEVOY. 3. The Mail - Drug Rage, by MIKE AUSTIN and WARREN REED.
* Best In-Hose Designed Client Advertisement. 1. The Mornington Mail - We've Dropped Our Pants. 2. The Werribee Times - Werribee Plaza. 3. Melton Leader - We're Always First Past The Post. The Western Times - Seventh Heaven.
* Best Editorial. 1. The Western Times - Addicts Say Injecting Room Would Save Lives, by LEAH DE FOREST. 2. Hills & Valley Messenger - Council's Biggest Foul-Up by ANDREW FAULKNER. 3. Knox Journal, Crash City, Our View - by PETER SIMCOCK.
* Best General Picture. 1. The Mail, Music by TED KLOSZYNSKI. 2. Cranbourne Independent - Rodeo, by RICHARD PISCIONERI. 3. Portside Messenger - Summer Time, by ROGER WYMAN.
* Best Sports Picture. 1. Lilydale and Yarra Valley Express. Cup Fever, by ANDREW BROWNBILL. 2. Cockburn Gazette Community - Thrills and Spills, by BRUCE HUNT. 3. Stonnington Leader - Synchronised Swimmer, by ANDREW BROWNBILL.
* Most Enterprising Use of Colour. 1. The Western Times - Sechi Hair. 2. Leader - Puffing Billy Centenary. 3. The Weekly Times Messenger - The Bowden Hill Tavern.
* Best Newspaper Promotion. 1. Community Newspaper Group. 2. The Werribee Banner. 3. Bacchus Marsh Leader.
* Community Service. 1. Knox News - Youth Issues. 2. Whittlesea Post - Road Safety Blitz. 3. Melbourne Leader - Fringe Festival.
* Best Advertising Feature. 1. Community News - House Proud. 2. Werribee Banner - On The Home Front. 3. Llllydale & Yarra Valley Express - Chirnside Park Christmas Shopping Catalogue.
* Best Feature Story. 1. The Mail - Fall Victim Fights For Rights - by DEBORAH GOUGH. 2. Adelaide Matters - Divine Dance, by MEGAN LLOYD. 3. The Western Times - Addicts Say Injecting Room Would Save Lives, by LEAH DE FOREST. Cranbourne News, Walking Away From Death's Shadow, by NARELLE COULTER.
* Best Sports Story. Joint Winner. Community News - Brave Kym's Olympic Bid, by GOYA BENNETT. Joint Winner. Adelaide Matters. Lucky Man/Syd's Fortunate Life, by MATT DEIGHTON. 2. Progress Press - History, Tradition And An Excellent Drop of Red, by DAVID TURNER.
Latest Radio Ratings
* SYDNEY: 2DAY, 14.8 (14.7). 2UE, 13.5 (13.4). MMM, 11.3 (11.6). ABC702, 8.6 (8.6). 2WSFM, 7.1 (8.5). MIX, 6.4 (7.9). 2CH, 6.3 (5.3). 2JJJ, 5.4 (6.1). NOVA969, 4.7 (*). 2GB, 3.9 (4.2). 2RN, 2.9 (2.4). 2KY, 1.9 (2.0). ABCFM, 1.8 (1.8). 2 NEWS, 1.7 (1.5). 2SM, 0.5 (0.8).
* MELBOURNE: FOX FM, 16.9 (17.5). 3AW, 14.1 (15.4). 3MMM, 9.8 (10.9). ABC, 9.9 (10.4). TTFM (now MIX FM), 8.7 (8.3). GOLD, 8.0 (7.8). MAGIC, 7.6 (5.9). 3JJJ, 4.0 (4.4). 3MP, 3.5 (2.7). 3AK, 1.3 (2.3). SPORT, 1.9 (1.8). ABC FM, 2.3 (1.9). 3RN, 1.4 (1.7). 3NEWS, 1.6 (1.4).
* BRISBANE: B105, 27.5 (25.4). FM104MMM, 16.2 (15.0). 4KQ, 10.9 (11.8). 4BH, 7.8 (8.1). 4BC, 7.5 (7.8). ABC612, 7.4 (9.1). 4JJJ, 6.4 (7.0). ABC FM, 2.5 (2.7). 4RN, 2.0 (2.0). 4 NEWS, 1.1 (1.1).
* ADELAIDE: SAFM, 26.4 (25.6). 5AD/MIX, 14.3 (15.4). 5MMM, 12.5 (11.6). 5AA, 12.4 (12.5). 5JJJ, 8.2 (8.5). ABC891, 7.7 (8.4). 5DN, 6.9 (6.5). ABC FM, 3.8 (3.8). 5RN, 1.4 (1.1). 5 NEWS, 1.5 (1.1).
* PERTH: MIX94.5, 19.8 (22.7). 96FM, 16.9 (18.2). PMFM, 14.9 (15.4). 6PR, 10.6 (10.5). 6JJJ, 9.7 (7.7). ABC720, 7.9 (8.1). 6iX, 5.5 (5.2). ABCFM, 2.6 (2.3). 6RN, 2.6 (1.4). 6NEWS, 1.7 (1.1).
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Richter Moves
* TOM RICHTER, Publisher of Large Magazine, is leaving Large and the Text Media Group at the end of June, after one year with the 70,000 full color, monthly street magazine. RICHTER, who has been with Text Media Group for 3½ years, presided over the successful integration of the feisty street magazine into the Text stable, following Text's acquisition of Large in May last year. RICHTER is believed to be joining a Melbourne based niche media company. Large Magazine under the creative leadership of Large founder and industry legend HARRY REKAS will continue the focus on positioning itself as the East Coast's pre-eminent free youth media title.
Southern TV Forms
* SOUTHERN TELEVISION INC. has been formed as a non-profit organisation to produce programs for Melbourne's Channel 31. CAMERON HILL of The independent News Group reports that the group will gain full membership status of the community channel if it can establish its own strong community base over coming months. The group will secure 30 minutres air-time each fortnight from July. Founding member STEVEN BETTLES says regular training will be held for members; he currently produces Pathways through Eastern Regional Access.
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Fairfax Community Newspapers
Victorian Head Office: 142-144 Frankston-Dandenong Road, Dandenong, 3175.
Phone: (03) 9238 7777. Fax: (03) 9238 7682.
Publishers of: Dandenong Journal, Monash Journal, Knox Journal, Maroondah Journal, Yarra Ranges Journal, Whitehorse Journal, Footscray Mail, Altona-Laverton Mail, Williamstown Advertiser, Brimbank Advocate, Melton Express-Telegraph, Bacchus Marsh Express-Telegraph, Macedon Ranges Telegraph, Sunbury Telegraph, Werribee Banner, Community News - Moonee Valley, Community News - Moreland, The Flier, House & Land, New Homes & Land
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Asia-Pacific Wire
* JALE MOALA, former Fiji Daily Post Editor, in his chapter on political reporting and balance in Pacific media, is highly critical of the coverage, saying "many reporters found it difficult to focus on the issues from a totally impartial point of view as they were swept away by the euphoria of the moment ... and the tension ... Fear may have also played a role. as a result, the perpetrators of the terrorist action, led by GEORGE SPEIGHT, received publicity that at the time seemed to legitimise their actions and their existence."
* Our thanks to DAVID ROBIE, Journalism Co-Ordinator, University of the South Pacific (currently in NZ at ) for this item. The book is available online from the University of the South Pacific Book Centre (US$25):
* EC Review: "The Cover of the Pacific Journalist", by IAN BODEN, executive editor of Papua New Guinea's The National newspaper, in the Weekender magazine, 1 June 2001: New title: The Pacific Journalist: A Practical Guide, edited by DAVID ROBIE; foreword by SEONA SMILES. ISBN 982 01 0385 1 (Published by the Journalism Programme, University of the South Pacific) 372 pp. illus. index. bib.
* Quote: "Journalists, as arch-whistleblowers, are often viewed in the same light as trouble-makers who stir up situations unnecessarily. There are deep-rooted beliefs in South Pacific societies about respect for authority that can translate into a lack of accountability and transparency, coupled with a strongly disapproving attitude towards those who question, probe and publish. The Pacific is littered with instances of publishers and journalists being chastised and chased."
* "WHY do Pacific Islanders want to become journalists? In spite of often tense relationships between governments and the media in the region, and poor pay and working conditions, growing numbers of young Pacific Islanders are choosing a career in journalism -- and usually seeking formal qualifications." This new book from the Journalism Programme, University of the South Pacific, looks at regional careers in the media. It covers some of the core courses of the programme, such as news values, basic news gathering, news writing and style, media law and ethics, print and online media, radio and television journalism, photojournalism, and political reporting and editorial balance.
* In the final section, several chapters raise contemporary issues facing the region -- trauma and conflict reporting, health reporting and HIV/AIDS, the growing importance of the environment, and NGOs as news sources. A chapter, "outside looking in", also examines the challenges for international media covering the region. The book is edited by USP's journalism coordinator DAVID ROBIE, a New Zealand journalist with more than three decades of experience in the international and Pacific media. He has gathered a wide range of contributors, both journalists and media educators/trainers with long Pacific experience. This provides a practical companion for the earlier volume, Nius Bilong Pasifik: Mass Media in the Pacific. Available online from the University of the South Pacific Book Centre (US$25).
Overseas Desk
* PETER SCHNEIDER, Chairman of Walt Disney Studios, and executive responsible for the Pearl Harbor movie, has stepped down after 18 months in charge of the mouse's film-making division. The film is said to have flopped at the box office.
* BEN AFFLECK, star of the movie, was applauded at the Tokyo premiere of the movie. Disney has taken pains to soften the movie so as not to offend Japanese audiences, reports The Los Angeles Times. The movie translates epithets such as 'Japs' as 'enemies' in the Japanese sub-titles, and opts to advertise the film as an epic love story rather than a war tale.
* SOPHIE WESSEX, wife of PRINCE EDWARD, has resumed her control of her PR firm, according to The Times. R-JH partner MURRAY HARKIN has reportedly sold his 40 per cent interest to the Royal.
* KERRY PACKER'S Indian joint venture has pulled the plug on its domestic TV business and withdrawn from state run television, reports AFP.
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Sydney Siders
* JOHN BOOTH, Editor of The Weekly Times local paper at Ryde, had a front-page yarn last Wednesday (June 20), headlined 'Prime Minister JOHN HOWARD Says: I'm Sorry!': 'Over 300 people heard Prime Minister JOHN HOWARD say the magic words many reconciliation protesters have been demanding for several years. MR HOWARD was addressing an auditorium full of new voters in his expanded electorate of Bennelong at Epping last week. The Prime Minister said: 'As JOHN WINSTON HOWARD I am personally sorry for the injustices done to many people in the past. In the past we have treated our Aboriginal people very badly for which I am sincerely very sorry.' However, MR HOWARD said he did not believe he could publicly apologise on other people's behalf for things of the past over which they had no control or participation.'
* STUART CRANNEY has been signed to host the morning program on WIN Radio, Campbelltown's new FM station. Program Director DAVE ARCHER won't be drawn on a start date for the station.
Tassie Tales
* ARMON HICKS, WIN-TV (Nine Affiliate), confirms the network's transmission was blacked out on Friday after a transmission tower fire at Hobart's Mt Wellington. Austar transmissions were also affected.
* MEDIA FLASH last week raved about The Examiner's A4 weekend TV - 96 Hours. The 'Kiss of Death' did not take long. Friday's paper (Launceston, Tas.) included this announcement: 'The Examiner has responded to reader requests with a new, convenient-sized, seven-days-a-week TV guide. It will be published on Mondays, starting next week, free with The Examiner. It will replace the existing Monday TV guide and Friday's 96 Hours, which will no longer be published. The guide will feature stories on the stars, TV movies, daily highlights, video reviews and the latest TV gossip.'
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Melbourne Memo
* STEVE PRICE, Program Director at 3AW, has become a columnist with the Herald Sun newspaper; this arrangement is likely to appear soon upon the radio station's Internet register of presenters' commercial arrangements. PRICE was a Deputy Editor of The Herald newspaper in the 1980's, under Editor NEIL MITCHELL (3AW's morning presenter).
* DERRYN HINCH, 3AK morning presenter, has also been engaged as a columnist by PETER BLUNDEN'S Herald & Weekly Times Ltd. The column appeared on Page 83 of the Sunday Herald Sun.
* ARTHUR HIGGINS is the public face of Menzies Malvern apartments. That's handy because ARTY was given the bullet from his 3AK evening time-slot on Friday, whilst on leave. HIGGINS shift is being assumed by his holiday replacement GAVIN WOOD. What's the old media saying about never going on holidays?
Queensland Quips
* TERRY O'SHANE, ATSIC Cairns Chairman, was subject of matters scheduled to be published by the Courier-Mail on Saturday. On Friday night, a Supreme Court judge granted an injunction from publishing the article. MR O'SHANE is brother of outspoken New South Wales magistrate, PAT O'SHANE.
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South Aussie Snips
* GRAEME GOODINGS and JANE DOYLE, Seven National News readers in Adelaide, won coverage in The Advertiser on Saturday for the channel's takeover of the number one ratings position in the South Australian capital. Seven's news viewer numbers have risen to 188,000 in the May 28 - June 21 period; Nine's numbers were at 155,000, and Ten's The Simpsons delivered 128,000. Journalist SIMON YEAMAN says Monday's Today tonight peaked with a record 252,000 viewers for a hidden-camera expose on an Adelaide car yard.
Press Gang
* NEIL COLLYER'S Fairfax Community Newspapers (Victoria) are promoting free access to online news archives at The site has been developed by the company's Online Technology Director, CHRIS IVERSEN and team.
Air Waves
* DON BRADLEY will be Program Director at DMG Radio's new Melbourne station. AMT Online reports ADRIAN HARPER will be Chief Engineer at the studio, to be built in Richmond.
* TIM FERGUSON'S Shock Jock has been re-signed for a second series on Foxtel's TV1.
Your ABC
* ALFIO GRASSO, Adelaide Magistrate, will next week deliver a penalty on the ABC which admitted breaching a long-standing suppression order in the Snowtown killings case. The ABC admitted showing a 'still' shot and images of the four accused in its 7pm bulletin on February 26, in violation of an order barring any publication of images of the accused in South Australia.
* ROBYN KERSHAW, a former head of Sydney's Belvoir Street Theatre, has replaced TONY VIRGO as ABC Television's Head of Drama.
* ROBYN WATTS, ABC Adelaide, is handling enquiries about the senior position of Head of Worldwide Content Sales. Phone (02) 9950 5568. The position covers content for TV, radio and new media platforms.
* MIKE McCLUSKEY is offering jobs pof Producer and Reporter/Producer, $38,989 - $53,119, for 1233 ABC Newcastle. ANR124296, ANR124297.
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Big Names Dept.
* KEITH NOUD, former ABC and 4BK racing commentator, died last Wednesday night, aged 88. He had called an estimated 45,000 races, and as well as his radio career, had also been Turf Editor of The Telegraph afternoon newspaper (Qld) for 17 years.
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Movers And Shakers
* PADDY MANNING has launched Ethical Investor mag, priced $4.95 at newsagents.
* MALCOLM MAIDEN, Associate Editor of The Age, has been featured in Inside, the bi-monthly newsletter for the paper's subscribers.
* TOM MEAD, 83, Founding Editor of the St George and Sutherland Shire Leader, and now in 'retirement', is selling his six books over the Internet at Authors and publishers receive 35 per cent commission. We like TOM'S autobiography - Breaking The News.
Pasquarelli's Politics
* JOHN PASQUARELLI writes: 'MALCOLM FRASER has done it again with his call to more than double Australia's population - running the 'populate or perish' line and saying that we have to appease the Asians. A nation can be done over in a very short period of time. It was FRASER who established the Office of Multicultural Affairs and it was he who gave the nod to the first wave of boatpeople from Vietnam. We now have loonies calling for an 'open door' migration programme and then there are those who bleat 'unity through diversity!' With drugs and crime on the increase, rioting illegals, beggars in our CBDs, rampaging ethnic gangs largely being protected by a mostly politically correct media and the loss of most of our manufacturing industries, what a shambles an Australia of 40 million would be. The UK now has race riots and Lords Cricket Ground has in recent times become a racial battleground - good on you MALCOLM!' -------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------
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Stix And Stones
* STEVE STICKNEY, Editor at The Manly Daily, looks at the idiotic, patriotic and a crashing bore
* 'ROBERT LEE BROCK filed a $5m ($A9.8m) law suit against ROBERT LEE BROCK, accusing himself of violating his civil rights by getting himself so drunk he went on a crime spree' - running out of people to blame for getting himself jailed, a Virginia criminal unsuccessfully sues himself. The Oz's New York stringer STEPHEN ROMEI.
* 'He received little more than polite applause, but he felt quite proud standing up there waving his undies to the world' - bronze medal-winning tae kwon do exponent SCOTT ROBERTSON'S mum explains how the young bloke whipped out his Aussie-flag boxer shorts when he couldn't lay his hands on a national emblem to wave at his medal presentation at the Austrian Open. Column 8.
* 'To the owner of the car with the registration number ------, you might want to block your ears - your window has just been smashed!' - ground announcer at Redfern Oval gives voice to what happens when you park in the wrong place at the footy.
* 'Having tried RODNEY ADLER'S life, we'd like to keep it' - after winning a day in limo-driven, silver-service, five-star luxury in a competition, BRONWYN and DAVID ATCHISON obviously reckon it's a lifestyle which wouldn't be too hard getting accustomed to. Tele.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------
Media Money
* WAYNE GREGSON'S Bendigo Advertiser cranked up a record-size edition on Saturday with 132 pages ... with process colour on 83 of them! The new color press (partly from The Wimmera Mail-Times at Horsham) was installed in Bendigo earlier this year.
* JOHN LAWS and ALAN JONES will soon face contract negotiations with 2UE, now owned by Southern Cross Broadcasting, led by TONY BELL. The Guide in The Sydney Morning Herald examines the likely contract figures today.
Bottom Line
* EIGHT of 25 staffers at Time Inc's site have been dismissed as part of the rationalisations.
* 108: record number of pages for the Hornsby Advocate (Cumberland, News Limited Community Newspapers) issue on June 7. Previous record was set in 1999 with a souvenir for the paper's 80th anniversary. The 54,935-circulation paper is edited by NICOLE COWAN, with the Hornsby branch office managed by PAUL BARNES.
* 1400 JOBS are being cut by the Tribune Co. in Chicago in response to tougher financial conditions.
* 1700 JOBS will be cut by Knight Ridder - the number two US newspaper publisher. TONY RIDDER, CEO, detailed the job cut figures last week at an industry meeting held in New York City.
* $86,000 is the package for a Publishing Development Manager being offered by MARLENE KORNIDES at the Melbourne office of tmp.worldwide (formerly Morgan & Banks).
They Said It ...
* JOSEPH SCHEMBRI, of Altona North, wrote this letter to The Green Guide (The Age): 'While I occasionally enjoy my son JIM'S writings about television, I do wish he would pay more attention to detail. His review of Fawlty Towers (June 14) pointed to the Waldorf Salad episode. However, the episode the screened last Friday was Communication Problems, the one featuring the hearing impaired MRS RICHARDS. is it too much to ask a journalist of 17 years' experience to at least have the intelligence to check his facts before going to print? JIM got away with far too much as a child and I feel the time has come to bring him to account.'
The Last Word
* GEORGE NEGUS spoke of his 15-month lifestyle in Italy with partner KIRSTY COCKBURN, and their child: 'If the pasta is al dente, the sauce is tasty, the coffee is fresh, you're drinking wine, the oil is extra virgin, you're getting sex on a reasonably regular basis and your football team wins, life doesn't get any better.' The one-time 60 Minutes journo was speaking at the North Shore Times literary luncheon.
* TIMES ARE TOUGH: NBCi is cuttinbg its services dramatically. 'Begin evaluating alternative web site hosting providers,' it has told its e-mail subscribers.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------
Australian Media Job Directory
* IAN McCAUSLAND, Editor at Davies Brothers Limited in Hobart (Tas.), seeks 'a fast and accurate reporter' to write promotional and advertising features for The Mercury, The Sunday Tasmanian and other publications.
* MARK JAMIESON, GM at Sunshine Coast Newspaper Company, Maroochydore (Qld), wants a Deputy General Manager. The stable includes Sunshine Coast Daily, Sunshine Coast Sunday, Sunshine Coast Weekly, Nambour Chronicle, Noosa News, Caboolture Near North Coast News and Bribie Weekly.
* JAMIE QUINN, Chief Executive Officer at Ipswich City Council, advertises nationally for a Senior Media Officer.
* J. NEWMAN at Courier Newspapers offers jobs for Call Centre Consultants: $26,000 - $33,000, plus Super, Commisison and Incentives.
* KENT BROWN has details of the $79,147 job as Senior Public Affairs Officer Grade 1 at the Australia New Zealand Food Authority.
* DEMETRIUS GIOUZELIS is taking applications for an Editorial Consultant for Who's Who In Government Specialists, Directories Australia. (03) 6224 7877.
* ANNE-MARIE SINDELY is fielding enquiries for an Accounts Payable Officer's job at ABC, Collinswood (SA). Reference DSV124293.
* IRENE MONTEFIORE has the details for an ABC vacancy for a broadcaster at Kalgoorlie (WA). ZWR124295.
* BELINDA CRANSTON is recruiting an Account Manager for a custom publishing house.
* LEBA ETHNIC MEDIA seek an Advertising Sales/Media Assistant for Melbourne.
* KIM LANGCAKE at The Age is taking applications for a Credit Officer.
* HWW LIMITED seeks an Advertising Sales Manager.
* ANNETTE HALCOMB at Yaffa Publishing Group is recruiting an Advertising Production Junior.
* THE ROYAL AUSTRALIAN COLLEGE OF GENERAL PRACTITIONERS seeks a Senior Editor for a range of serial medical publications. 1 Palmerston Cres., South Melbourne.
* BELINDA LEE, at ABC Melbourne, is recruiting a Rural Reporter Trainee. AVR123288.
* ROSS QUINN, ABC Queensland, is offering $30,313 - $43,443 for a radio program maker to be based at Rockhampton. AQR124298.
* BRUCE MAIDEN at CSIRO wants an Assistant Editor for the Australian Journal of Chemistry.
* MEG LAW at the City of Whitehorse (Vic.) is taking applications for a Journalist to produce a monthly newspaper for the municipality. Salary up to $37,000.
* CHRISTINE BRIGGS needs a Media Sales Assistant (Junior) to join the Seven Affiliate Sales, North Sydney.
* NANCY VEART, National Advertising Manager for The Australian Financial Review Magazine, is searching for an Advertising Manager for Boss magazine.
* HEIDI VOLPE, Advertising Director, Magazines at Fairfax Business Media, is recruiting an Account Manager for specialist magazines with an IT and finance focus.
Work Wanted
* Advertise your 'Work Wanted' notice in Media Flash. We'll print your 'Work Wanted' ad for free. Simply E-Mail it to us by 5pm Friday at
* TONY WHITBREAD writes: '
Power of the pen Pen power still holds the key to effective communication. A.E. Writing Services specialises in professionally presented material and superior service. Copywriting, editing, media releases and desktop publishing are produced on time every time and at a reasonable price. Please contact Tony Whitbread on (08) 9293 5019, mobile 0427 080 458, Fax (08) 9293 5050 or email * MATT LOADS writes: '
Matt Loads, Marketing & Communications Officer for two years, with T.V. Production background, multimedia skills and Media qualifications, seeks work in the Media industry as a Media Offier, Communications Co-ordinator etc, looking for a more creative role. E-mail: for resume. * PAUL TODD writes:
'Work wanted in the field of media production: Video or Television production in particular. I'm currently in my final year at LaTrobe University, completing the bachelor of Media Studies, specialising in video / television production. Seeking possible casual work now, and full time work from November. -Paul Todd (03) 9716 2484 mob. 0438162484
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Effective Words
If you are looking for someone who can create advertising copy, write media releases and proofread in a single bound (well almost) then I'm your woman. I'm a freelance writer with a variety of government and private sector clients. My career in both the media and education goes back 25 years. If you want effective words and you want them quickly and at very reasonable rates then call Alison Grahame (that's me) on 02 4324 3328 or fax 02 4324 0061.
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Access to multiple markets with one media buy
As a media professional you understand the value of a highly targeted and effective media buy. The Courier Newspaper Group provides an unparalleled opportunity to reach single or multiple markets with a diverse range of quality newspaper publications - locally, regionally and globally via the Internet. Whatever your target market, there's a Courier publication that reaches it.
Wentworth Courier - circulation 46,431, readership 131,000 The unrivalled market leader in Sydney's affluent Eastern Suburbs.
Inner Western Suburbs Courier - circulation 71,241, readership 180,000 Complete coverage in the densely populated Inner West from Glebe and Balmain to Burwood and Homebush.
Southern Courier - circulation 45,669, readership 96,000 The undisputed market leader in the rapidly growing areas from Clovelly to Mascot, La Perouse to Maroubra and Waterloo to Coogee.
Sydney Weekly - circulation 90,500*, readership 181,000* Covering the North Shore corridor from the harbour through Hunters Hill, Chatswood and Mosman to Wahroonga.
City Weekly - circulation 60,000*, readership 120,000* Recognised for its vibrant lifestyle and entertainment content and authoritative employment section, covering the CBD and North Sydney.
wM (Weekly Messenger: Anything but average) - circulation 51,000*, readership 89,000. A brand new lifestyle publication with the look and feel of a contemporary weekend magazine, wM covers the key areas of Sydney's South Eastern suburbs.
9 to 5 - circulation 60,000, readership 250,000* Packed with Sydney's hottest jobs, news, entertainment and lifestyle information, 9 to 5 gives Sydney's busiest people a great start to their working week. Hand delivered to CBD commuters and pedestrians.
Weekender - circulation 40,500*, readership 107,000* The fastest growing news magazine on the Sunshine Coast. An informative lifestyle publication offering comprehensive news, real estate, classifieds, entertainment and more. providing links to: From real estate and entertainment, to employment and trade directories - find what you need fast. Search all the Courier classifieds in one go - all in one place. In just a few clicks you'll find all the information you need to buy, sell or invest in property. The ultimate local guide to entertainment and things to do in Sydney. Searchable information on Sydney's best restaurants, outdoor recreation, cinemas and movie times, music venues, CD reviews, retail shopping, the arts, galleries, theatres and performance.
To get your message to the right market call: 9353 9999
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