Revolutionising Endometriosis Treatment: Kiwi Innovator Develops Life-Changing App

Published: Thu 22 Feb 2024 07:44 PM
Taranaki, New Zealand – In an empowering move for those battling endometriosis across the globe, Juliet Oliver, a distinguished engineer and the 2021 Young Energy Professional of the Year, is set to launch Endo45, a pioneering app designed to offer relief and a pathway to remission for endometriosis sufferers. After a personal battle that pushed her to the brink, Juliet now stands as a beacon of hope, proving that living pain-free with endometriosis is not only possible but achievable.
Endometriosis, a condition affecting one in ten girls, women and those born with a uterus, is notorious for its debilitating pain, fertility issues, and significant impact on sufferers' quality of life. Juliet's journey with the condition was no exception. From excruciating pain to misdiagnoses and ineffective treatments, she faced every challenge head-on, only to emerge with a solution not just for herself but for millions suffering in silence.
"Like many, I was trapped in a cycle of frustration and confusion with endometriosis, facing each day as a mere shadow of myself," Juliet reflects. "But I refused to accept that living in pain was my only option. As an engineer, I'm wired to troubleshoot and solve problems, which led me on a six-year quest of research, expert consultations, and meticulous experimenting and tracking of my symptoms."
The result of Juliet's relentless pursuit of knowledge and her innovative approach to self-management is Endo45, an app that supports a journey to remission. Developed in collaboration with health and medical experts, Endo45 offers a comprehensive toolkit for managing endometriosis, focusing on gut health, hormone balance, inflammation, and nervous system regulation. It's more than an app; it's a roadmap to recovery, tailored to empower users to take control of their health and achieve remission.
Juliet's story is a testament to resilience and the power of innovative thinking. Despite the challenges of navigating a male-dominated field and the personal trials of becoming a single mother, she has not only excelled professionally but has also transformed her suffering into a source of strength and inspiration. Today, Juliet lives symptom-free, a reality she once thought was unattainable. She stands as a beacon of innovation and resilience in the fight against endometriosis.
As Endo45 prepares for its global launch, Juliet's mission remains clear: to create a world where endometriosis is not only understood and managed but where it no longer holds anyone back. "Endo remission is possible, and I'm living proof," says Juliet. "You just need to know how to get there, and Endo45 is here to guide you."
For sufferers in New Zealand and across the world, Endo45 represents a beacon of hope, a promise of a brighter future.
Endo45 is set to launch in endometriosis awareness month, March, ready to empower users to navigate their path to living well with endometriosis.

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