Stop Bargain Chemist & Chemist Warehouse From Selling The Abortion Pill

Published: Wed 7 Jun 2023 08:06 AM
Right to Life asks, next time you walk into a pharmacy, are you patronising a pharmacist who is an abortion provider who has the blood of innocent unborn children on their hands?
The government has now approved retail pharmacies to provide Mifepristone and Misoprostol, which are the abortion pills, on prescription. Now the Bargain Chemist and Chemist Warehouse chains are ready to profit from the murder of unborn children, as they have advised Right to Life that they are now filling prescriptions for abortion pills in their stores, and so are participating in chemical abortions nationwide. Bargain Chemist has 17 branches and the Chemist Warehouse has 9 branches in New Zealand. The government has allowed these pharmaceutical companies to become some of the largest abortion providers in New Zealand.
Right to Life is disappointed that the Pharmaceutical Council, appointed by the Minister of Health and the Pharmaceutical Society, these membership based associations, both support pharmacists dispensing prescriptions for the abortion pills to kill unborn children.
Right to Life wrote to the Pharmacy Council in April to express concern at their not upholding the ethics of the pharmaceutical profession to dispense only medications to promote health and life, and not dispensing medications to kill their patients.
Abortion-inducing drugs take the lives of unborn children and they are far more dangerous to pregnant women than surgical abortions. Studies show these drugs include a 53% greater risk of a negative health outcome for the pregnant women who take them!
This devastates women's health and makes access to kill unborn babies easier than ever. We still have time to stop this : Right to Life encourages concerned people to boycott these pharmacies, and any other pharmacy which has chosen to be complicit in the killing of unborn children.
Pharmacies should be selling medications and remedies to help people live and flourish, but now they are selling lethal pills meant to kill children in the first ten weeks of life.
This is akin to Family Planning and Magma Healthcare Ltd, who have a contract with the government to kill “unwanted” babies by dispensing these drugs.
The abortion pill has already killed millions of babies, but it doesn't need to kill more unborn children.
Will you fight for the unborn by patronising only pharmacies that refuse to dispense these murder pills?

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