Police Association Welcomes Legal Certainty Of Vaccine Mandate For Police

Published: Fri 26 Nov 2021 09:53 AM
The New Zealand Police Association acknowledges the Government’s decision to mandate Covid-19 vaccinations for all sworn police officers, authorised officers, and recruits.
The move is supported by the association because it provides legal certainty for Police.
"We have always held the position that it is not the role of the association to make medical or moral judgements on the question of vaccination," Association Vice President Mike McRandle says.
"The vast majority of police are vaccinated, but as a microcosm of society there will be a variety of opinions amongst members - often strong on both sides. The board has been supportive of vaccinations but has been conscious of ensuring that the legal rights of members are maintained. The mandate resets that legal position and provides clarity for members."
If members now choose against vaccination, the association will ensure they are treated as fairly and reasonably as possible within the law.
Mr McRandle says Police has been mandated because of the risk of officers having to deal with people in all communities across the country.
"I believe that the high level of vaccination adherence from our members puts us on solid ground in taking a stance in support of the mandate.
"Also, looking at the court cases in New Zealand and Australia we can find no precedent that would be successful in overturning the legal mandate announced by the Government, but we will continue to monitor that space," Mr McRandle says.

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