New Website For Phoenix Foundation

Published: Fri 26 Nov 2021 08:52 AM
The private drug and alcohol treatment centre in West Auckland, Phoenix Foundation, has recently launched a website It provides information to Auckland locals about the holistic approach and support they offer to drug and alcohol dependents seeking for treatments.
Phoenix Foundation is a private treatment centre situated in a tranquil location in West Auckland. Run by a team of qualified counsellors and wellness practitioners, they work together in offering a holistic approach to people who need help in their drug and alcohol dependency. Their treatment programmes are personalised for every individual to receive the best results, as no two individuals are the same.
Jessica Jones founded Phoenix Foundation to materialize her dream of creating a safe and private sanctuary for people to confront their own issues and find a path out of their addiction just like how she discovered a new lease on life. No one can understand better than anyone what it takes to take the first step in fighting drug and alcohol addiction than former addicts themselves. For addiction treatment and costs involved, Phoenix Foundation is one phone call, message or email away.
The website focuses on three main areas: programmes; admissions; and addiction information.Programmes
Detox and rehab programmes at Phoenix Foundation is your first stepping stone to be free from addiction. Be it dependency on meth, drug or alcohol, the treatments are designed by therapists and counsellors. A range of specialised detox and dependency treatment programs give the best chance of long term sobriety, and the holistic support and addiction therapy are tailored to your needs to overcome dependency.Admission
The admission process at Phoenix Foundation is customised to your addiction treatment. There is a 7-day, 14-day and 30-day intensive treatment programme, designed for your needs. The private West Auckland detox centre is simple but provides a comfortable and homely stay.Addiction Information
With the trained professionals at Phoenix Foundation, you can conquer your dependency on drugs or alcohol, or for your loved one. The people around you offering support and advice to you won’t understand the whole experience of breaking the dependency cycle and how to move forward. However, at the drug and alcohol treatment centre, most of the addiction counsellors and qualified staff have been addicted to substances and alcohol before.
“The mythical phoenix is a symbol of hope, renewal, rebirth, resurrection, solitude, and grace. Just like the phoenix emerges from its ashes, so can man after devastation and loss.”
The tranquil West Auckland location of Phoenix Foundation welcomes guests from across New Zealand
For more information on what locals can expect from Phoenix Foundation visit

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