Holistic Magic - Intuitive Yoga Classes In Christchurch Facilitate A Return To Wholeness

Published: Mon 15 Nov 2021 03:05 PM
According to announcements released by Yoga Intuition and Maja Moritz, yoga classes in Christchurch are an excellent opportunity for people in the city to recalibrate their mental, physical, and spiritual well-feeling - it is like pushing the reset button for yourself!
At this Christchurch yoga studio, students learn Yoga based on the ancient principles of Hatha Yoga with a fresh twist. Everybody can benefit from YogaIntuition classes, especially from the ‘Yoga for the Mind’ component but beginner and intermediate-level yogis will feel most at home physically with the yoga classes on offer. Students learn to reconnect with themselves, their body, mind, and spirit, discover how to adjust their postures, develop their own rhythm and pace, deepening their breathing, and regaining mental clarity to ensure a better flow of positive energies through their entire being while neutralizing negativity and finding new and focussed thoughts.
Over time, participants create their individual practice that is tailored to work best for them. Under expert guidance, this openness and fluidity of informed choice making is helping yogis discover the most suitable attitude and approach to life, each and every day, and the ability to create a harmoniously balanced way of life for themselves.
The sessions begin with a gentle warm-up and a "Yoga for the mind" sequence in connection with the overall theme of the current term and always finish with a guided deep relaxation that is as calming as it is refreshing and revitalising, rejuvenating each and every cell in your body. Maja Moritz also teaches students in 1-on-1 sessions, just as Yoga has been taught traditionally in India, from where it originates. Individual attention from an expert yogi is an ideal opportunity for beginners to get the best possible start but, of course, everyone can benefit greatly in order to find more clarity on their journey of self-discovery and toward a healthier lifestyle. In a 1-on-1 setting, the teacher can best assess a student's needs and guide accordingly with making suggestions for a satisfying individual development on all levels utilising various yogic practices inlcuding breathing techniques, mudras and mantras, chakra balancing, meditation, and more.
New students can take advantage of the free 30-minute personalized online session to assess compatibility with the teacher and learn more about the opportunities on offer.
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Maja Moritz of Yoga Intuition says, "I am originally from Germany and have lived in Christchurch, NZ since 2004. I had 20 years of experience practicing Yoga before I decided to qualify as a teacher in 2016. I am very passionate about holistic Yoga and the enormous benefits such an integrative practice has on offer. I specialize in Intuitive Yoga because in my view it is ideal to develop a practice which best serves individual needs. It encourages listening and reconnecting to our body for guidance and emphasizes gentleness, well-feeling, and individual freedom.
You are supported in creating a practice that becomes uniquely your own. It is all about being compassionate, gentle and kind to yourself, progressing slowly, feeling comfortable and relaxed, exploring what is possible, enjoying the sessions and your new-found well-feeling, and emerging refreshed and inspired.
Our holistic practice incorporating 'Yoga for the mind' alongside our physical practice is pretty unique the way we do it at YogaIntuition. The themes we work on each term are like 'Feeling centered', 'Exploring Energy', or 'Finding Balance'. Each week we look into different aspects of our theme and how to apply it on & off the mat, for example how to find balance for ourselves in daily life also. A holistic approach to all we do on & off the mat truly works magic!"About the Company:
Yoga Intuition is taught at 3 venues in Christchurch, NZ, and everyone from the age of 18 to beyond 100 is welcome to explore the art of holistic yogic practices based on Hatha Yoga and other ancient and latest yogic principles and insights. Maja Moritz, who mainly teaches at the Yoga & Qigong School of Sumner, guides participants gently to create a new focus, to listen to their bodies and integrate and implement yogic wisdom for physical and mental uplifting.

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