Without Public Health Safety Mandates And Containment Actions -Vaccines Will Leave Us All Behind The Covid 8 Ball

Published: Thu 5 Aug 2021 01:54 PM
The Center for Disease Control defines immunity as follows-- Immunity: Protection from an infectious disease. If you are immune to a disease, you can be exposed to it without becoming infected. For example, the measles vaccine gives you immunity from measles. You cannot be infected.
Covid-19 vaccine does not give you immunity. It does protect against severe disease and death. It will not prevent a person from getting infected, sick, or transmitting the virus to others.
Furthermore, the existing Covid-19 vaccines effectiveness wanes, after 6 months. New variants such as the Delta variant are more easily able to escape vaccine protection. All this means that vaccinated people can be infected, get sick, transmit the virus, and still end up in the hospital or develop Long Covid and other disabilities. Nonetheless, it is important to get vaccinated with the present vaccines until there is a better vaccine that provides true immunity.
The millions of unvaccinated children, age 12 and under are at extreme risk. Opening up schools for children, even with masks, will spread the virus rapidly throughout the country. Sending children back into schools is dangerous, deadly, unscientific, unethical, and criminally negligent. These policies are leading lambs to slaughter.
Those who claim repeatedly that “vaccination is the best weapon in the fight to curb transmission” are wrong. It is only one weapon, but not the most important one.
Multiple countries have shown that the best weapon to curb transmission is public health mitigation and containment strategies. These methods have been able to quickly contain, and curb transmission in New Zealand, Taiwan, China, and Viet Nam.
Public Health Science is the key to preventing more illness and death worldwide. Stopping transmission, and the growth of new and perhaps more dangerous variants depends upon the only measures definitely shown to work—6 week lockdowns with full payment for everyone doing non-essential work, closing schools, mass events, isolation of the infected, and quarantine of travelers, all combined with mass testing and contact tracking.
Without these measures, viral transmission will continue as will mutations and viral variants. The longer transmission continues, vaccines will always be behind the newest variant. Disease, disability, and death will continue.
The government’s duty is to protect. Let us do more to make this happen.

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