The Marlin Hotel goes Smokefree

Published: Tue 13 Nov 2018 02:02 PM
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13 November 2018
The Marlin Hotel goes Smokefree
The only smoking you will find at the Marlin Hotel in Whangaroa is smoked marlin on the menu. The Marlin Hotel has gone totally smokefree and believed to be the first ‘local pub’ in Northland to do so.
In August the Marlin Hotal under new ownership closed for renovations and re-opened as a family friendly hotel and restaurant.
Smoking doesn’t align with the new look and feel of the hotel and the way the new oenwrs want to do business. “We wnted to created a family friendly atmosphere and attract families to enjoy the view, a healthier menu and and environment,” say Paul Condron, Chef and Manager.
We went about the renovation by removing the bar leaners and pool table and added more dining tables to create a family friendly atmosphere. We let our customers know that what we were doing, offering healthier menu options, and a cleanier, healthier, family friendly look and feel to the place. We have a whole new clientele. We might be closing earlier than we used to, after the dinner rush, but that means we all have a better work life balance.
“Going smokefree outdoors has been great for business. It has really turned the business around. The spend per head is completely different, its so much better,” says Paul.
“Buy you cant expect to go smokefree and the people will just come to you, you need to offer them something else and our dining options did that.
“We at Te Runanga o Whaingaroa fully support Paul and his commitment to the health and well being of his staff, the customers and the community,” says Cara Epiha Toki Rau Stop Smoking Practitioner at Te Runanga O Whaingaroa (TRoW).”
The Marlin Hotel joins 34 other premises that offer smokefree outdoor dining in Northland. To see who they are go to
“I encourage everyone to go to the Marlin Hotel this summer, its an awesome drive and such a beautiful spot,” says Bridget Rowse Smokefree Advisor Northland DHB.
“You will be able to enjoy a great meal in the sunshine in the ‘fresh air’ without a side of smoke.”
Frequently Asked Questions
Won’t making outdoor dining Smokefree be bad for business?
No! Lots of places have implemented Smokefree outdoor dining in New Zealand and overseas. All the evidence shows that smokefree outdoor areas do not have a negative impact on business and often have a positive effect. Feedback from Cafes in Northland that already provide smokefree outdoor dining say that it provides a better environment for staff and makes outdoor dining more enjoyable for patrons.
See what other places offer Smokefree outdoor dining
Is there support for smokefree outdoor dining?
Eighty-five per cent of Whangarei residents don’t smoke, and research shows that they want to be able to enjoy outdoor dining without exposure to second-hand smoke. A recent survey (2017) of Whangarei residents shows strong support (82 percent) for smokefree outdoor dining.
The recent Fresh Air Project Whangarei Evaluation Results
• 94 percent of The Fresh Air Project Whangarei customers feedback supported smokefree outdoor dining.
• 92 percent of participants had no concerns about making their outdoor dining areas totally smokefree.
• 72 percent of customers said that they were more likely to visit again because of smokefree status.
Whangarei District just adopted a reviewed a Smokefree policy that aims to introduce the following smokefree outdoor public spaces by the end of 2020:
• Alfresco Dining policy to be reviewed to support alfresco dining areas to become Smokefree by December 2019
• Public spaces in the City Centre including Cameron Street Mall/Laneway and the Town Basin to be Smokefree – by December 2019
• All public spaces owned by the Whangarei District Council will be Smokefree – by May 2020
• All beaches promoted as Smokefree – by December 2020.
Kaipara District Council has just closed Public Consultation on its reviewed Smokefree Policy that includes Smokefree outdoor dining
Smoking is off the menu for Auckland
What about designated areas?
They seem like a good idea in theory, but designated areas don’t usually solve the problem of second-hand smoke as smoke easily drifts to non-smoking areas. Those sitting with people who smoke are also still exposed and staff still have to serve these tables. Furthermore smoking is still usually visible to children who copy what they see. A completely Smokefree policy is less complicated, easier to enforce and provides the best health benefits for staff and customers.
What happens if someone lights up?
Experience from cafes and other places that have gone Smokefree around New Zealand suggests that most people are very agreeable when told that an area is Smokefree. Usually all it takes is for a staff member to gently tell a customer that the establishment is 100% Smokefree. If a customer refuses to stop smoking, staff should know what to do next. A procedure should be developed for how staff will deal with this. It will likely be similar to that done with other disagreeable customers and usually will involve asking the customer to leave the premises.
What about e-cigarettes and vaping?
E-cigarettes when used give the impression of smoking and for that reason should treated the same as tobacco therefore.
To support compliance and to eliminate the confusion smoking and vaping are not permitted in smokefree outdoor dining areas. Vaping mimics smoking and the emissions can create a nuisance and may result in public confusion and reduced compliance.
The Ministry of Health has stated that; the evidence on vaping indicates they carry much less risk than smoking cigarettes but are not risk free.

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