Patient First – Healthcare Driven by Technology

Published: Mon 3 Sep 2018 12:28 PM
Health Hub Project New Zealand and BlockBit Solutions partnership: Patient First – Healthcare Driven by Technology
Health Hub Project New Zealand and BlockBit Solutions are pleased to announce their partnership to drive healthcare innovation and development for the future using emerging technologies.
At a point when New Zealand and Australian healthcare systems are in crisis, Health Hub Project New Zealand (HHPNZ) and ANZ based technology company BlockBit Solutions have formed a partnership. Together they will drive healthcare in new directions for the future; locally, nationally and internationally, using a technology platform built on Distributed Ledger Technology (Blockchain) combined with Data Science, IoT and Digital Identity.
General practitioner and past co-director of the Central District Hospital Emergency Department, Dr David Hill, and organisation development researcher, Dr Pat Nolan, both co-founders of HHPNZ, have described the design and approach that HHPNZ is taking as innovative and leading edge. HHPNZ is New Zealand’s newest and most futuristic medical and health care organisation with headquarters located in the heart of the Palmerston North City. HHPNZ outreach clinics are operational in Vogel Street, Terrace End and Brentwood Avenue, Highbury. Other clinics are on the drawing board for Summerhill and other cities across New Zealand in the next year with expansion plans across to Australia in 2019.
Co-founder Pat Nolan said, “Our position is that Health is a basic right for every human, and HHPNZ mission day to day, is to make that right a reality and our top priority for action. Over the past few years we have invested significant time and effort into Healthcare research and development to understand what the health industry and our patient’s need and demand."
To achieve its mission and goal HHPNZ is working in partnership with BlockBit Solutions. Together they are developing a “Patient First” platform, built using distributed ledger technology (DLT/Blockchain) combined with Digital Identity, IoT and Data Science, which patients and their health care providers, caregivers, clinicians to specialist consultants, can easily access to provide the highest level of health care patients deserve.
Two key design features of the joint HHPNZ-BlockBit Solutions strategy and approach is “innovative future-focussed” and patient-centred.
BlockBit Solutions CEO, Reeanjou Ram said that the new and innovative healthcare platform that HHPNZ will use and is trialling right now “will give HHPNZ medical and health care practitioners the ability to streamline processes and offer personalized care with greater efficiency and significantly improve health outcomes". In brief, she said that, “the BlockBit collaboration with HHPNZ already is proving highly productive and overtime will transform the quality of patients’ experience and their wellness and health.”
She also highlighted, “Hospital visit creates sizable medical data regarding various diagnosis, treatment, prescription. Under current medical data system, the patient cannot collect his/her own medical record easily. Patients, institutions, and medical practitioners are all paying unnecessary costs for medical data management.”
Medical Practitioners have trouble providing appropriate level of treatment because the current patient data is held with various providers with practitioners not having a single historical view of the patient’s medical record. Medical researchers have limited access to medical record data due to data protection regulations.
People may think changing the paradigm of patient healthcare record is too ambitious however HHPNZ will become the disruptor and game changer in the health care industry. We believe HHPNZ is on the right path and will contribute to making a win-win strategy for patients, medical practitioners and other providers in healthcare care service industry.
When fully in place, the HHPNZ platform will create a positive, seamless patient experience across every touchpoint of health care. For instance, patients will have access to mobile consultations from anywhere in real time, be able to make electronic updates to their medical history and have control over their medical record, eliminating the need for medical staff to manually enter updates from a paper form and update patient information sooner, and thereby help providers deliver more personalised and relevant care without delay.
David Hill (HHPNZ Director & Co-Founder) and senior doctor is passionate that “patients have the right to access and have ownership of their own medical records and institutions no longer be at the centre of medical data handling. Importantly, he said the HHPNZ platform is a wholistic approach; it will help eliminate the need for patients, institutions, and medical practitioners all paying unnecessary costs for fragmented medical data management, as at present, and it will do this with a single unified historical view of each patient’s medical record held in a secure, confidential ledger and in accord with medical record data protection regulations. It’s about using emerging technologies to improve access and health equity.”
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