ACC says....

Published: Wed 7 Sep 2016 10:15 AM
ACC says....
With the fresh bloom of springtime here, many of us are ready to get out and moving. The promise of enjoying our favourite recreational activities is reason enough to brim with vim and vigour after the winters hibernation, but don’t forget that our bodies may have forgotten how strenuous they can be.
We tend to remember our peak fitness level from last year, so it’s easy to overdo physical activity that we just aren’t ready for this early in the season.
Last spring Kiwis showed that our outdoor interests are as varied as we are. ACC paddle boarding injuries increased in 2015, mostly the result of paddlers falling off, while falling over accounted for many of the 4,500 jogging related injuries. Some of the 1,800 injured mountain bikers ran into trees, 500 people fell out of them and, of the 1000 trampers with ACC claims, more than you’d think actually walked into them.
Springtime last year also saw gardening claims grow to more than 6,000, mostly for minor strains and sprains after being cooped up waiting for the last fling of winter to be over; 2,200 tennis players were temporarily side lined, some after being struck by rackets, others hit by balls; and 300 lawn bowlers recovered from dropped balls, runaway balls and pulled muscles during the delivery of said balls. Oh, and congratulations to all you Nordic walkers with too few ACC claims too mention.
So as the mornings get lighter, the days longer, the sun gets warmer and our great outdoors beckons, take some time to make sure you’re prepared
Carefully examine protective gear to ensure it’s still the correct fit, particularly helmets, is undamaged and appropriate for the activity.
• Perform a pre-activity check of any sporting equipment, or tools, to ensure they’re in good working order.
• Visit ACC’s SportSmart website so that you’re physically ready to go the distance

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