Mental Illness, and what you need to know

Published: Tue 2 Oct 2012 02:52 PM
Mental Illness, and what you need to know!
On the 1st of September this year an online recording was made of a seminar about mental illness.
During the seminar three experts spoke about mental illness from different perspectives, e.g. diet, motivation, and how to follow a holistic approach. They outlined numerous practical and effective strategies for improving mental health.
Many of the people involved in the seminar have mental illness themselves, and spoke from personal as well as professional experience. The host, Jarno Noordermeer, has Bi-polar for example. The seminar was born out of a desire to "give to others", and is now available for free on the Catch42 website.
The following three experts were present:
Maria Middlestead, a Registered Clinical Nutritionist with over 35 years in practice, who outlined the significant links between diet, and mental illness – and described the tasty solutions.
Viv Kelly, a very experienced life coach who also trains other life coaches, spoke about the importance of having a strong vision, and how to overcome obstacles such as fear and anxiety along the way.
Dr. Phil Galloway, a doctor at the North Shore hospital with lots of practical experience, spoke about what works, and what doesn't work when it comes to recovery in general (holistic approach).
The recorded seminar is ideal for:
People with a mental illness that are keen to learn more about improving the quality of their life by following a holistic approach.
Whanau/Families/Carers that wish to learn more about how to support people with a mental illness.
Mental Health Professionals who wish to hear different perspectives on how to further enhance their services.
The recorded seminar is available for free from the website. On the website there are also several articles/exercises in the "Start Here" section that might help people with a mental illness. There are also other articles on the website available, such as: "Holistic Approach", "Finding Happiness", "Strangely Calm", and "Poverty and What we Can Do". There's also the About page, and the "My Story" article on

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