Māori SIDS, Papakura Marae welcome child health report

Published: Wed 15 Dec 2010 10:16 AM
Māori SIDS and Papakura Marae welcome the findings of the 2010 Children’s Social Health Monitor report
Māori SIDS and Papakura Marae welcome the 2010 update to the Children’s Social Health Monitor. The report highlights the needs of NZ Society’s most vulnerable; our children, our babies. The report assesses how New Zealand children are faring in the current economic climate.
Fifty-eight per cent of families on a benefit live in severe or significant hardship. The report goes on to show that children exposed to low family income in the early years, experience poor health, including hospital admissions and mortality. Māori and Pacific children consistently fare far worse than other ethnicities.
Māori SIDS are aware of the impact poverty has on infant and maternal health. “We know that 75% of babies who die from SIDS are exposed to cigarette smoke. We also know that where there is poverty; there is a higher rate of smoking.” says Kodi Hapi, General Manager, Māori SIDS. “Strategies need to be in place to support low-income families provide for their children. Additionally services need to be in place to support expectant mothers quit smoking. A smoke free family is the greatest gift you can give this Christmas, because it could save your baby’s life”.
Tony Kake, CEO of Papakura Marae sees on a daily basis the role poverty plays in his community. “Many whānau around here are in severe hardship. Children attend school with no shoes, no kai in their puku everyday. Families are simply finding it hard to keep sanity and harmony in the house especially under such immense pressure. We need to equip our whanau with the tools they need to create the right environment for our babies to survive and thrive and go on to contribute to society”.
Some of the ways families can protect their babies from SIDS include:
Keep baby smoke free during pregnancy and after birth
• Sleep baby face up, face clear (on their back)
• Use a firm mattress without pillows
• Use a safe sleep place such as cot, wahakura or bassinette
Breastfeeding is best
For further information on SUDI prevention and infant health, contact

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