ACC’s Great Leap Backwards

Published: Wed 7 Oct 2009 11:06 AM
Media Release: 7 October 2009
ACC’s Great Leap Backwards
It has been reported today that ACC intends engaging private firms to carry out case management of long-term claimants receiving weekly compensation. This appears to be part of ACC’s new ‘tough love’ policy that Access Support Services first revealed in our media release dated 2 September 2009. A copy of ACC’s strategy document, released under the Official Information Act, is available at the Access Support Services website.
“ACC’s strategy appears to be aimed at exiting long-term claimants by hook or by crook”says Mr Wadsworth, Head of Access Support Services. “We are already experiencing a significant increase in enquires from claimants who are being subjected to this approach.”
The legislation requires ACC to provide claimants with comprehensive rehabilitation in order to address their needs and injury-related barriers. The question is; can private firms be trusted to deliver comprehensive rehabilitation in the rush to rid the ACC scheme of its long-term claimants and how will ACC ensure short-cuts are not taken?
“It’s like letting the fox into the chicken coupe” says Mr Wadsworth. “Access Support Services sees contracting out case management as a great leap backwards and reminiscent of the late 1990’s where some 15,000 claimants were exited en masse, many ending up on social welfare.”

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