ACC tells GPs how to do their job

Published: Tue 15 Aug 2006 10:45 AM
ACC tells GPs how to do their job
ACC is pressuring GP’s to return injuried workers back to work earlier in the "Return to Work Guide" it sent out to GPs this week.
While ACC argues waiting for the injured worker to make a full recovery may lead to them developing a chronic pain syndrome, the same can be said for an early return to work. Time and again we see claimants who were sent back to work too early by ACC case managers, only to be off work again months later with an exacerbated injury and no chance of ever returning to their pre-injury employment.
Access Support Services considers this as another attempt by ACC to reduce its liability without producing lasting outcomes. Access Support Services calls upon ACC to do their job properly and comply with the legislation rather than interfering with how GP’s do theirs.

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