Labour Government does not Value Older People

Published: Tue 30 Nov 2004 01:32 PM
30 November 2004
Further Evidence that the Labour Government does not Value Older People
Today’s announcement that the Salvation Army is exiting from residential care of older people saddens but does not surprise the New Zealand Private Hospitals Association (NZPHA).
Mr Max Robins President of the NZPHA says “this is a graphic example of a quality caring provider, who has been delivering services to our older people for years, not being able to make ends meet with the significant underfunding situation that this industry faces.”
“We have been warning the Government and DHB’s that the massive shortfall in funding would affect not for profit providers first as they do not often have other business interests to cross subsidise their residential care with”, says Mr Robins.
“Sadly our older people are not seen as a priority by this government and as the funding to the aged residential care sector further erodes you will see more examples of providers who cannot afford to stay in business”, he said.
“We have offered to work with the Government and DHB’s to look at the situation more closely. We must develop a sustainable funding pathway to ensure that the current crisis does not affect the care of our older people,” Mr Robins say.

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