OUSA President Concerned Star Missed Joke

Published: Fri 25 May 2012 03:29 PM
OUSA President Concerned Star Missed Joke
OUSA President Logan Edgar is aghast at satire gone wrong after what started out as an interview with a humorous take on asset sales turned into a front page piece misrepresenting his and the views of students, and ended up alienating key community groups.
“We’re like a neutron on the matter of asset sales – neutral,” said Mr. Edgar. “We’re an association that cares about education; we only step into other areas when we are given a mandate by the students. No student has come to us asking to add the issue in to our upcoming referendum.”
“I should have got this across more clearly in our conversation. I feel it may have fallen into a bit of a satirical black hole, and I certainly apologise for any misunderstanding,” said Edgar. “The Star is a great community newspaper that allows us to get across many of the positive stories of students rather than the more negative sides that often gets coverage about students. I’m just disappointed this story rocketed off in the wrong direction.”
“The OUSA needs to continue to manage our funds wisely as we have a mandate to provide services to both current and future students,” said Edgar. “We are looking at a conservative mix of term deposits, bonds, property and a small number of shares on the advice of professional wealth managers. And I think I’ll be investing in some more stand up comedy practice (with my own money) if I have my way.”
“We asked on Facebook what people would think -- but we didn’t even get near the quorum we would need in an official poll or election for a stance,” said Edgar. “Only 169 people voted out of our 7000 Facebook members and interested parties that follow us and that is still only out of 20,000 students we represent.”
“We’re happy to promote the protest march and political involvement by students in general via OUSA, Radio One and Critic,” said Edgar, “For example we support the Generation Zero movement who have put forward a question in our current referendum asking for a more sustainable campus.”
“Sadly this is a case of a reporter not getting the joke and not quite understanding the satirical intent, even when I said it numerous times during the conversation. Hence the crack at keeping the lights on for students and getting a picture with a light switch!” said Edgar. “Where’s a bloody teapot tape when you need it?”

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