Make a Difference to Life and Dyslexia

Published: Sun 7 Aug 2011 06:05 PM
DYSLEXIA AWARENESS WEEK STATEMENT, and information/opinion piece.
7-14th August 2011
"Be Aware: Intervention and Support Can Make a Difference to Life and Dyslexia"
Dyslexia is a term which relates to a variety of Specific Learning Disabilities (SLDs).
Some adults have Specific Learning Disabilities, some children have them, and some of my friends have them.
Not all of them know what to do about that, where to go next. Having a Specific Learning Disability can run in a family, or just be a part of a child or adult, any age, any gender.
A Specific Learning Disability acts to frustrate learning and reading, and, unattended can affect a lot of ambitions.
With many things that are hurdles in life, specialist interventions can help one work through the difficulty, and the same applies to Specific Learning Disabilities.
Schools provide a quality education, but limited Government funding means that they cannot be all things to all children all of the time. So it is common sense to have a specialist assessment and 1:1 focussed tuition if required.
SpeldNZ assessors and teachers have the demonstrated skills to assist children, young people and adults over the hurdles a Specific Learning Disability erects in life.
Learn to succeed.
There are many types of Specific Learning Disabilities, perhaps one of the simplest being left/right confusions. Because of this range, one approach does not match all Specific Learning Disabilities, but the SpeldNZ professionals in your community can set those of us with a Specific Learning Disability on a path to growth. Assessments, interventions, and teaching are data and research based.
Working on a Specific Learning Disability can make a difference to a life.
Action speaks louder than Specific Learning Disabilities.
Contact your local or National SpeldNZ during Dyslexia awareness Week, and make life a learning experience.

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