The future of fuel - do oil and water mix?

Published: Thu 18 Mar 2010 04:35 PM
The future of fuel - do oil and water mix?
Wellington Institute of Technology (WelTec) has partnered with Ian Coard (previously of Chevron) to prove that oil and water really do mix. On March 25, as part of the Cafe Scientifique series, Ian Coard will lead a discussion on the development of alternative fuels.
WelTec has been working closely with Ian and his team to develop an Engine Performance and Emissions Testing Laboratory on the Institute’s campus. “There is a real need to test biofuels for emission rates so WelTec has provided the space and equipment for the testing lab” says Paul Mather, Director for the Centre for Smart Product at WelTec.
By emulsifying diesels and bio-diesels, significant environmental benefits have been achieved with measured reductions of particulate matter, Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) and Carbon Dioxide.
“With a state-of-the-art dynamometer, WelTec’s purpose-built lab allows us to replicate engine performance and gather data in controlled conditions” says Ian Coard. “It allows us to understand the importance of new fuels and the effects on an engine.”
“The end goal is ultimately to produce significant reductions in emissions by developing a customised low emission fuel which can be run in diesel vehicles. This sort of technology has world-wide implications.”
In addition to working with Technology Partners in Residence, WelTec’s Centre for Smart Product is able to assist businesses with building prototypes, applied research technology and advice on how to make innovative products and processes commercially viable.
“For WelTec it’s about our staff and students being involved in technology development and transfer, in innovation and in local companies” says Paul.
He believes the Cafe Scientifique series offers the opportunity for the public to hear about innovative and technology-driven initiatives going on within New Zealand organisations designed to provide future growth.
The Cafe Scientifique series has been adopted from the UK model and provides a forum for the discussion of interesting scientific issues in an informal and accessible manner.
Cafe Scientifique
Thursday 25 March, 6pm-7.30pm
Cadillac Diner, High Street, Lower Hutt

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