Experience Nespresso’s Tribute To Italy’s Diverse Coffee Culture; The Ispirazione Italiana Range

Published: Thu 4 Aug 2022 11:06 AM
Nespresso is inviting Kiwi coffee lovers to re-discover the superior quality and taste of Ispirazione Italiana; a permanent coffee range that pays tribute to Italy – the masters of innovation and quality – and its diverse coffee culture. Ispirazione Italiana comprises a range of skilfully crafted coffees delivering a range of distinct flavours inspired by the rich, coffee roasting traditions of the distinct regions of Italy: Arpeggio (Florence), Ristretto (Italy), Napoli (Naples), Kazaar (Palermo), Venezia (Venice), along with Livanto and Roma.
As a permanent range, Ispirazione Italiana coffees can be enjoyed any time of year. This season Nespresso is encouraging New Zealanders to discover inspiration in every cup with two Italian-inspired recipes by local chef and restaurateur, Ben Bayly, and a series of elevated coffee recipes.
Highlighting the iconic and beloved Arpeggio, celebrated local chef Ben Bayly has created two Italian inspired recipes with this velvety masterpiece. Try Ben’s Venison with Arpeggio Glaze, followed by an indulgent Panna Cotta with Arpeggio Ganache – both best served with an Arpeggio espresso.
And finding inspiration in every cup, Nespresso has created bespoke coffee recipes using the Ispirazione Italiana range. Elevate your morning coffee moment with a Maple & Hazelnut Cappuccino with Arpeggio or a Double Espresso Chai Latte with Kazaar, and toast the day with an Amaro, Orange & Espresso Aperitif featuring Ristretto.
Discover unforgettable taste with Chef Ben BaylyPanna Cotta with Arpeggio Ganache
“Panna cotta is classic Italia! In this recipe we liven it up with Nespresso’s iconic Arpeggio with a hidden surprise - coffee and chocolate balls, served with a warm coffee glaze and vanilla ice cream,” says Ben Bayly, Chef.
Discover Ben Bayly’s full recipe here.
Inspiration for any coffee momentMaple & Hazelnut Cappuccino
Taste the unforgettable Arpeggio in our Maple and Hazelnut Cappuccino recipe.Pour 10ml Maple Syrup & 5ml Hazelnut syrup into a VIEW Cappuccino cup.Extract 40ml Arpeggio over the syrup.Pour 100ml of hot frothed milk over top.Freshly grate toasted hazelnuts over top.
Discover Nespresso’s Ispirazione Italiana coffee recipes to inspire any coffee moment here.ISPIRAZIONE ITALIANA: The permanent coffee range
Ispirazione Italiana takes Kiwi coffee lovers on Nespresso’s Italian journey to discover for themselves intense coffee aromas and cremas. Specially crafted, each coffee captures the essence of the inspired city, whether it’s the fruity North Italian influence of Florence, or rich depth of history of Rome - it’s these local details that make this collection a true delight.
Intensity: 9
This exquisite coffee blend is beloved by Kiwis, and a true reflection of Florence’s cultural significance: An intellectual hub in the heart of Italy, drawing influences from all the country. Arpeggio’s roasting style brings these influences together by combining fruity notes traditionally found in the North of Italy with cocoa notes from the South, culminating in a velvety, dense, and creamy cup. This blend also exists in decaf.
Serving suggestion with milk: As a Flat White the delicious fruity notes are softened, and cocoa notes ring true. The short roasting time lends to a velvety body, enhanced by the addition.
Intensity: 13
From the streets of Naples, the local deep-rooted coffee ritual inspired our dark roasting method, which masterfully developed the coffee to an intense degree. Leavened with Robusta, the result is a velvety, creamy cup with an extremely thick body and a pleasant, bitter aftertaste. A tribute to the roasting proficiency of the Italian capital of coffee.
Serving suggestion with milk: As a macchiato this coffee’s distinct character pushes boldly through the dollop of milk on top and note of bittersweet chocolate and rich caramel emerge.
Intensity: 8
Bridging the Ottoman Empire to Western Europe, Venice has a long history of importing the world’s coffees and expertly roasting them to balance their diversity. The muse for our cup: delicately aromatic, all elements balanced harmoniously, caramel notes and thick body.
Serving suggestion with milk: As a Flat White, the milk adds to the rounded smooth and sweet notes of the espresso. It sings as a coffee with milk and enhances its already balanced profile.
Intensity: 10
A drop of deliciousness: the essence of Italy’s iconic drinking tradition. Inspired by the ambassador of all Italian coffees, the ristretto, we chose not to imitate, but to roast our perfect version. Long roasted in part for body, short for brightness and fruit, this coffee is the culmination of all we explored in the emblematic Italian cup. This blend also exists in decaf.
Serving suggestion with milk: As a Cappuccino, Ristretto retains its strength as the addition of milk will not hide the espresso’s complexity but rather enhance by adding the addition of a creamy body and velvety texture.
Intensity: 12
Kazaar inspired our long, dark roasting style plus a high Robusta content: hallmarks of this Southern city. At a crossroads of influence from African and Arab traditions, multicultural Palermo made us dream. The result is an exceptionally intense, syrupy, woody and spicy coffee, crowned with very dark, thick crema.
Serving suggestion with milk: The thick espresso base makes the perfect platform to add thick creamy milk and froth to create a Latte. The peppery notes soften, and the bitterness turns into a soft caramelized sugar and dark chocolate note.
Roma Livanto
Intensity: 8 Intensity: 6
Discover inspiration in every cup with Ispirazione Italiana.
Ispirazione Italiana is available online and at Nespresso Boutiques now, RRP $9.70 - $9.90 per sleeve of 10 capsules. For more information on Nespresso’s Ispirazione Italiana range including coffee recipes, please visit

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