Maui: The Father Of Daylight Saving

Published: Fri 24 Sep 2021 01:13 PM
Did you know that we have Maui to thank for the longer daylight hours we enjoy from this Sunday?
Long ago Tamanui te Rā, the Sun, moved too fast across the sky. All the daily activities had to be done without delay as darkness would come too soon.
Frustrated, Maui gathered his brothers and told them about his plan to slow down Te Ra. At first, they disagreed with Maui but after hearing that they could do more during the day, they agreed to help.
After weaving their flax into long ropes, they set out secretly into the night to catch an unsuspecting Te Rā who was sound asleep. Awoken by a loud commotion, Te Rā, found himself tightly gripped by long ropes.
“Why have you captured me?” asked Te Rā.
Maui explained that they didn’t have enough time in the day to enjoy all the things they loved. He hoped that Te Rā would promise to slow down. Thinking about Maui’s words, Te Rā said that he would take his time across the sky. This is the tale of how Maui slowed down Te Rā so that his people could enjoy longer days.
And just like Maui, your days will be lighter for longer as clocks spring forward one hour with Daylight Saving starting this weekend.
Making sure Kiwis have the information they need is one of the ways we ensure iwi, hāpu and communities across New Zealand are safe, resilient and thriving.
Further information on daylight saving time see the New Zealand Government website.
Fun fact: The Chatham Islands observes Chatham Island Standard Time, which is 45 minutes ahead of New Zealand Standard Time.

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