Auckland Laneway turns the volume up to 11

Published: Wed 13 Nov 2019 09:22 AM
Serving up the perfect a la carte menu to complement the best in new and rising musical stars is something that Laneway excels in, year after year/every year. This year is no exception as Laneway once again makes a triumphant return to Auckland’s Albert Park on Monday 27th January, Auckland Anniversary Day.
Delighting the discerning taste-buds of music lovers is a carefully crafted exercise in choice selection. Luckily for Laneway attendees, there’s no shortage of delicious street food outlets and impressive restaurants to choose from, that cater to all gustatory leanings. Whatever your tastes or dietary requirements dictate, Laneway has you covered with plenty of vegan, gluten-free, meat lover, dairy-free and old school options, and a range of exotic flavours – local and from around the globe including Asia, South America, Europe and the Mediterranean!
A new and exciting culinary treat is on offer this year, as Laneway welcomes the hottest frozen treat going - the highly revered DUCK ISLAND! The Willy Wonka of the ice-cream business will be in attendance in their newly restored 1964 Bedford ice-cream truck. Dairy free, vegan, gluten free and allergy-considerate choices are also available. Unparalleled in the market, Duck Island Ice Cream are making Laneway Auckland the only music festival of the summer that will have their fresh, high quality Waikato goodness.
Calling all vegans – this one is for you! WISE BOYS proudly identifies as your “one-stop shop for a face full of indulgent plant-based burger goodness”. Trust us when we say their vegan burger goodness is totally next level – even the staunchest carnivore will be impressed! Their plant-based burgers and fish and chips are game-changers, the classics such as Spicy Mex with chunky salsa, kumara fries dipped in signature aioli, smoky barbeque jackfruit and tangy slaw. YUM!
Laneway 2020 is thrilled to announce the debut of BUN HUN, formerly the food vendor Judge Bao which took a ‘bao’ and closed its doors in 2019. The good news is that when one door shuts, another one opens! Born from the ashes of its predecessor, BUN HUN never stopped ‘baolieving’ and now flies solo, carrying on the bao spirit into the new decade! Bun Hun is starting her new adventure with a brand new bao menu at Laneway, where she will be hand-making her little artisanal pillows of joy from scratch. We warmly welcome Bun Hun back into the Laneway family-fold - what better way to start a new year with some great tunes, happy vibes and those delectable mouth-watering bites!
SERIAL GRILLER returns with their impressive and completely scrumptious classic American style cheeseburgers! Masters of the Smashed Burger, they use only the finest select cuts of prime beef, which are ground and cooked on a hot grill for that juicy, authentic, flavour-filled and perfectly-browned pattie that every good burger deserves. These burgers can’t be beat!
No festival is complete without some fried chicken love! And Laneway loves PEACH’S HOT CHICKEN! A lot. Traditional and delicious Nashville Hot Chicken just like Nana used to make – well, make that Alex’s grandmother! Go mild, medium, hot or HOLY CLUCK! Choose it served on bread, brioche or waffles - it’s up to you, peachy indeed!
One of the best mash-ups of Festival deliciousness has come to life with NICE BLOCKS x LITTLE ISLAND CREAMERY! True harmonising bliss, this is one combo that will strike a chord with anyone who loves to recline under a shady tree with something cool and ultra-tasty! Ethically produced and made from all sorts of good-for-you natural and organic ingredients, Nice Blocks never fail to hit the spot on a hot summer festival day. Little Island is a perfect partner, with their dairy free ice creams and legendary coconut drinking milks complementing the palm-treed, laid-back atmosphere of the lush surrounds of Laneway.
Other stars of the show include festival stalwarts that are just so loved, we have to have them. Without further ado, meet the rest of the stellar line-up!
CHE LUCIO, our passionate BBQ aficionados who cook all of their food over traditional wood-fired grills. For the serious meat-lovers, look no further than this Argentinian barbeque King! FATIMAS with their one-of-a-kind twists on authentic Middle Eastern recipes, infused with fresh herbs and punchy citrus. HA! POKE return with their glorious bowls of tasty things. A little Japanese, very Hawaiian, Who? HA! TACO LOCO, home to the best Mexican street food in town, their ingredients are so fresh, they will leave you asking for more! DOUBLE DUTCH FRIES add that bit of pizzaz to your chips, garnishing them with European-inspired flavours such as red onion, satay and creamy mayonnaise.
Healthy, handmade and delicious, THE ROLLING PIN delivers dumplings served with a colourful and crunchy Asian slaw. Doing good, for the love of dumplings! SABORES will take you into the rich, flavourful and passionate cuisines of Europe and the Americas – succulent beef from the Pampas, Spanish tapas, Carribean spices and European sweet pastries. Vamos!! Straight from the bustling streets of Manila to Auckland, HAPUNAN is a food master, serving up traditional Pinoy dishes with a modern touch. MISO RAMEN is premium quality ramen bought from the streets of Tokyo to Laneway by Chef Taku Hida – Oishii!
MIZZONI PIZZA create classic, traditional pizzas, following time-tested methods for best taste and digestability. Hot, Fresh, Fast, Quality Food. They just love pizza! LORD OF THE FRIES takes their food seriously, delivering tasty, healthy meals and helping the planet transition to a plant-based diet bite by bite, with their vegan fries, burgers and hot dogs. Great food and purpose-driven. We like that. RAMEN TAKARA crafts tasty, authentic dishes that carry on the traditions of Chef Yuki’s father, using the freshest raw ingredients for the best healthy meal option of Japanese noodles going. LANGOS once again bring their popular deep-fried Hungarian flatbread, all generously topped with yummy toppings – meat and meat-free of course.
ONSITE CATERERS return with the old-school festival fast-food flavours for those who crave the sheer sugar-hit of fluffy candy-floss, the hot deep-fried scrumptiousness of a hot-dog on a stick, classic crinkle-cut French fries, steak and onion sandwiches, bacon and egg rolls, fish and chips, mussels, prawn kebabs, seafood salads and more. Booyah! ATOMIC COFFEE is coffee done right. Top-notch coffee, by New Zealand’s finest roasters, purveyors and pushers of amazing coffee. These guys know their coffee, with every cup serving up rich, robust flavours, grounded in expertise. No coffee snobs here, just the best beans in town!
REDEEM SODA joins the party, bringing a drink that tastes great and does good! Packed full of gut-loving probiotic kefir, natural ingredients and fermented for natural fizz, Redeem is organic, vegan, gluten-free with less than 1.5% sugar. With exotic flavours like Raspberry Hibiscus, Natural Ginger, Charcola and the mysterious Mandarin Yuzu, how can you not partake in something so good! This really is the Redemption of Soda.
And on that mouth-watering note, we can all agree that 2020 marks a new high in the Laneway food game.
But of course, a festival does not just feed their masses, they must water them too.
Situated throughout Albert Park and on your way to discover your new favourite artist, you will find free filtered-water stations, a romantically-set wine bar and of course, our very special CRAFT BEAR BEER BAR!
In 2020, the Craft Bear Beer Bar will feature the best range of craft beers for the cultivated beer connoisseurs amongst us.
URBANAUT, a craft beer made for the worldly explorer. The one who finds comfort in unfamiliar surroundings, thrives off a foreign atmosphere, and uses diverse urban environments to shape their perspective as a global citizen. Urbanaut beers are designed to celebrate the cities that inspired their creation. Whether you know the destination well, or yearn to explore it someday, every sip will give you a taste of the culture no matter where you are in the world.
ZEFFER are makers of the finest craft real New Zealand cider since 2008, made from freshly crushed apples to produce an all-natural cider from the best ingredients. Crowned the World’s Best Cider in 2017, Zeffer has shown the world just how good New Zealand cider can be and is now pouring in all corners of the globe. Zeffer are also working towards a zero-waste production process and are currently championing one of the most sustainable production methods in the world.
PARROTDOG has no idea why it’s called a ParrotDog but a ParrotDog has always been what it is. Starting off as a homebrew set-up from a dingy basement in Wellington’s Aro Valley flat, ParrotDog is now a fully-fledged commercial enterprise boasting a range of six various flavours with exceptionally catchy names like BitterBitch, BloodHound and DeadCanary. Things are ticking along nicely, and they can now boast a selection of craft beers of great quality. With a mission statement to first and foremost make great beer that they could enjoy drinking, in the hope that others will enjoy it too, the Laneway team can attest that they have totally succeeded in that mission!
GARAGE PROJECT started off as a nano-brewing operation in Wellington, brewing on such a small scale that it was possible to take the risks needed to grow. These guys like to take risks, to have a bit of fun and try something new. That ethos has served them well and they continue to operate from that perspective. Their aim is to make unique and beautiful beers, by pushing boundaries, reinterpreting styles and challenging what beer can be. We like!
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