Tour of Southland 2019 Stage 5

Published: Fri 8 Nov 2019 03:06 PM
Results from the 6th stage of the SBS Tour of Southland.
Invercargill - Drummond - Hedgehope - Waimumu - Gore
1. Nick White (KAP) 3h25m50s; 2. J-P Van Der Merwe (SSW) ST; 3. Alex Heaney (PNL) ST; 4. Michael Vink (PMK) ST; 5. Sam Guest (PBM) ST; 6. Antonie Van Noppen (PNL) ST; 7. Campbell Pithie (ITM) ST; 8. Ryan Thomas (BSR) ST; 9. Jordan Kerby (BSR) ST; 10. Reuben Thompson (TSF) ST; 11. Adrien Merkt (VFF) ST; 12. Kees Duyvesteyn (CSR) at 05s; 13. Ollie Jones (PNL) at 25s; 14. Hamish Schruers (PNL) at 25s; 15. Joshua Aldridge (CBO) at 25s; 16. Joe Swale (CBO) at 25s; 17. Theo Gilbertson (CSR) at 39s; 18. Tom Sexton (BSS) at 01m44s; 19. James Harvey (PMK) at 01m51s; 20. Ethan Batt (PMK) at 04m22s; 21. George Jackson (ITM) at 07m21s; 22. Darcy Pirotta (VFA) at 07m21s; 23. Ben Oliver (CBW) at 07m21s; 24. Campbell Stewart (BSR) at 07m21s; 25. Corbin Strong (TSF) at 07m21s;
Overall Standings
1. Michael Vink (PMK) 18h26m06s; 2. Alex Heaney (PNL) at 02m06s; 3. Hamish Schruers (PNL) at 03m33s; 4. Reuben Thompson (TSF) at 04m25s; 5. Kees Duyvesteyn (CSR) at 04m48s; 6. Antonie Van Noppen (PNL) at 05m16s; 7. Eder Frayre (KAP) at 06m34s; 8. Nick White (KAP) at 06m36s; 9. Corbin Strong (TSF) at 07m09s; 10. Adrien Merkt (VFF) at 09m20s; 11. Campbell Stewart (BSR) at 10m30s; 12. Paul Odlin (PNL) at 12m44s; 13. Glenn Haden (CPB) at 13m31s; 14. Joshua Aldridge (CBO) at 13m47s; 15. Theo Gilbertson (CSR) at 13m49s; 16. Ben Oliver (CBW) at 14m17s; 17. Ollie Jones (PNL) at 15m11s; 18. William Green (BSS) at 17m30s; 19. Simon Imboden (VFF) at 17m56s; 20. Conor Murtagh (KAP) at 18m10s; 21. Sam Fox (PBM) at 18m15s; 22. James Harvey (PMK) at 18m22s; 23. Ethan Batt (PMK) at 20m01s; 24. Sam Guest (PBM) at 22m10s; 25. Dylan Longridge (VFF) at 22m44s;
Team Overall
1. Powernet 55h28m56s; 2. Kia Motors-Ascot Park Hotel at 13m22s; 3. Team Skoda Fruzio at 18m51s; 4. Placemakers at 23m11s; 5. Vet4Farm at 35m37s; 6. Creation Signs-Ronald McDonald House-Ricoh at 38m09s; 7. Base Solutions Racing-WCNI at 45m05s; 8. Petrotec-Blackmax at 51m34s; 9. Central Benchmakers-Willbike at 58m16s; 10. ITM at 1h02m06s;
1. Tom Sexton (BSS) 61; 2. Ollie Jones (PNL) 42; 3. James Fouche (CSR) 34; 4. Brendan Housler (SCS) 19; 5. Paul Wright (CBW) 18; 6. Nick White (KAP) 17; 7. Madi Hartley-Brown (CPB) 16; 8. James Harvey (PMK) 14; 9. Ioan Fuller (PBM) 12; 10. Theo Gilbertson (CSR) 10;
King of Mountains
1. Ollie Jones (PNL) 35; 2. Ioan Fuller (PBM) 27; 3. Eder Frayre (KAP) 20; 4. Paul Wright (CBW) 18; 5. Brendan Housler (SCS) 12; 6. Corbin Strong (TSF) 10; 7. Sam Guest (PBM) 9; 8. Theo Gilbertson (CSR) 8; 9. Henry Levett (CSR) 8; 10. Nick White (KAP) 7;

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