The System Apocalypse Short Story Anthology Volume 1

Published: Sat 2 Nov 2019 12:20 PM
PRESS RELEASE: The System Apocalypse Short Story Anthology Volume 1
A collection of tales set during the first year of the System Apocalypse telling stories of intrigue, mystery, and survival in a world filled with aliens, monsters, murder and more.
WHITEHORSE, YT, CANADA, October 30, 2019 - Bringing together authors from across the globe to write in his LitRPG, post-apocalyptic, science fiction, and fantasy world, Tao Wong is excited to introduce The System Apocalypse Short Story Anthology Volume 1, the first short story anthology for The System Apocalypse series, which is scheduled for release on November 1, 2019 in the US, UK and Canada, and on November 2, 2019 in New Zealand.
On a Dungeon World, alliances and protectors are universally short lived. Those who have survived the System converting Earth into one know this better than most.
With one of their most powerful players having been betrayed, vilified and pushed into leaving the planet, new heroes must be found - unfortunately, they tend to be the first to fall. Who then can humanity turn to when the worst the galaxy has to offer are storming the gates?
A bounty hunting survivor. A Galactic dark elf. A woman who has given up her humanity to become something more. These stories and more are available in the first short story anthology for the System Apocalypse, covering year one on Earth. When the world ends, humanity steps up, finding new ways to survive in a world with Classes, magic and monsters.
The anthology features exciting, new stories by five new writers, and a new, never publicly released short story by series creator, Tao Wong.
“The System Apocalypse world has gained a lot of rabid fans over the years, many of whom have questions about what happened in areas I never touched. The anthology was my way of both satisfying that need as well as offering a hand-up to new authors who wanted to try writing in my world,” said Tao Wong.
“The response by the fans and new authors have been amazing. I am very happy with both the level of imagination shown as well as the diversity of characters in the anthology.”
Stories and writers featured in this anthology include:
Craig Hamilton - "Hunting Monsters" has our protagonist doing what he does best. Finding those who would exploit the System and the people within. Except this time, there are even more complications than normal.
Alexis Keane - "Tooth and Claw" is a heart-warming tale of friendship that knows no bounds of race or distance.
Ix Phoen - "Rebel Within" tells a tale of hardship in South America, where the monsters are not always the ones outside the walls.
Tao Wong – “Debts & Dances” covers the arrival of the System from the perspective of our favorite Truinnar Lord.
R.K. Billiau – “Phoenix Rising” covers an unconventional hero, one whose mind is slipping from him before the apocalypse. Will the apocalypse be his salvation? Or doom?
L.A. Batt - “Overture to Obliteration” follows a man simply trying to survive in what remains of an alien invaded, mutated wildlife infested Whakatane, New Zealand - whose life and priorities are about to be turned on their head after a few unexpected people wind up at his door.
The System Apocalypse world was first introduced in 'Life in the North' and is a LitRPG science fiction and fantasy post-apocalyptic work that features monsters, science fiction technology, character sheets, supernatural races and ancient myths in one heady, LitRPG brew.
Experience the unlikeliest of heroes in the System Apocalypse in six new stories covering the first year of the apocalypse. The System Apocalypse Short Story Anthology Volume 1 releases via Amazon, Kindle and select retailers on November 1, 2019 in the US, UK and Canada, and on November 2, 2019 in New Zealand.
Craig Hamilton is gainfully employed as a technical sales engineer who dabbles at writing in his free time. Most of his work days are spent translating tech speak and specifications for a non-technical crowd. When not working, Craig appreciates playing tabletop RPGs or board games with friends. When his inner-introvert demands a break from polite company, Craig can be found sprawled on his couch with a good book or playing a video game with spaceships and entirely too many spreadsheets.
Alexis Keane is a London based author, who's just getting started writing LitRPG and GameLit. He’s been an avid reader and lurker in the LitRPG community for years, but has just started writing the sort of books he wants to read.
Ix Phoen writes in order to read the stories they can't find elsewhere. They have a hidden archive of unpublished ideas, books, and more, guarded by fierce monsters including Uncertainty and Perfectionism.
Tao Wong lives in the Yukon, writing away the long winter months. With 17 books under his belt, Tao is a long-time martial artist, sci-fi and fantasy reader and lover of food. Tao wrote the System Apocalypse one long winter as he decided to set the end of the world in the cold north. To his surprise, the post-apocalyptic book found a fan base and he now has eight books released in the series, with the ninth book - the eighth in the core story, due for release in December.
R.K. Billiau is the best-selling author in his household. He feels strange writing about himself in third person, so just know that he has a wife, a ridiculous amount of kids, a few pets, is a geeky used-to-be-gamer who now games vicariously through reading and writing LitRPG. When he isn't drowning in children, he works for a non-profit medical outreach bringing free healthcare to people in his local community.
L.A. Batt is a New Zealander who has made a hobby out of backpacking his homelands and beyond in-between bouts of working in hospitality, retail, radio, deep-sea fishing, gaming news and reviews, I.T., and more. Now Luke (that's what the L stands for) is throwing his wits and wiles into the wonderful world of crafting stories to spellbind fans of fantasy, adventure and science fiction.

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