Sports Anti-Doping Rules, and proposed new approach

Published: Mon 30 Sep 2019 10:05 AM
Drug Free Sport NZ seeks comment on 2020 Sports Anti-Doping Rules, and proposed new approach
Drug Free Sport NZ (DFSNZ) is seeking comment on the 2020 Sports Anti-Doping Rules and a proposed new policy which would allow DFSNZ to consider its overall fight against doping when looking at potential anti-doping rule violation proceedings involving lower level athletes.
DFSNZ Chief Executive Nick Paterson says “Our anti-doping rules apply to everyone playing sport, which is similar to countries such as Australia, the US and Canada. We think that Kiwis playing sport at any level, for enjoyment, exercise and personal challenge, would be dismayed to learn that their competitors were doping. This isn’t new, but our drive now is to make sure everyone is aware of it through our education and outreach programmes.
“However, the easy availability of prohibited substances, especially online, means that the anti-doping environment has changed. As our ability to detect doping expands beyond our testing programme, we are increasingly identifying anti-doping rule violations involving athletes at all levels of sport. As a result, we a proposing a new approach which will give us some scope to deal with lower level athletes, who have not been tested, in a different way.
“We’re now looking for feedback from the sporting community on whether we should adopt such a policy, and what factors we should take into account when considering if we should not bring anti-doping rule violation proceedings.
“Our goal is to protect clean athletes, and promote clean sport. We don’t think that Kiwis should tolerate doping in sport at any level, as we want to safeguard the integrity of competition, and protect the health of our sports people. We look forward to receiving comments on this proposed new approach.”

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