Freediving New Zealand Pool Nationals 2019

Published: Thu 12 Sep 2019 09:58 AM
Freediving New Zealand is proud to announce the ‘Freediving New Zealand Pool Nationals 2019’. The annual event will be held at the AUT Millennium Sir Glen Owen National Aquatic Center on Auckland's North Shore from Friday, September 13 to Sunday, September 15, 2019. The event is open to the general public to allow them to watch for free.This national competition is hosted by The Auckland Freediving Club.
Freedivers from all over New Zealand and overseas will compete in either AIDA grade for international ranking points, or recreational grade - a popular format for people who are new to competitions.
Athletes compete over three events in the pool. All disciplines are completed on a single breath of air.
STA - Statics. The freediver holds their breath in a stationary position for as long as possible, face down in a pool. This is the only discipline that measures the dive duration rather than depth or distance.
DYN - Dynamic with fins. The freediver swims horizontally across the pool using fins - in either bi-fins or a monofin - trying to dive the greatest possible distance.
DNF - Dynamic no fins. The freediver swims horizontally across the pool, covering the greatest possible distance without the use of fins.
This year sees a large number of athletes competing in both grades and can expect to see closely-fought competitions.
“After a fantastic competition last year held in Queenstown, we return to Auckland's North Shore this year. This has proven to be a popular venue again and we have over 40 athletes competing this year. I am also pleased to see a small team from Whangarei Boys' High School, part of the Northland Freediving Club, competing in the recreational grade. It's great to see them getting involved in our sport at a younger age in a safe, educated way.” states Nick Rhodes, Principal Organiser for the Freediving New Zealand Pool Nationals 2019.
Freediving can be dangerous if practiced alone and without proper instruction due to the risk of hypoxic blackout. A recognised course or introductory session with a freediving club is highly recommended. Clubs offer intro evenings for anyone who snorkels, likes the water or just wants to see how long they can hold their breath in a safe environment. Start with an online search to find a freediving club or course near you.
More information about the event can be found on the Freediving New Zealand Website:

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