NZ indie film JAKE now available on VOD

Published: Thu 22 Sep 2016 11:52 AM
Media Release
For immediate release
Hybrid Motion Pictures presents a film written and directed by Doug Dillaman
Acclaimed New Zealand independent feature Jake is now available worldwide on VOD for purchase: “We’ve lived the DIY filmmaking dream, and it’s time to share it with the world!”
“The smartest bit of lo-fi, hi-IQ science fiction New Zealand has produced since ever.” – David Larsen, Listener
“What they’ve achieved on next-to-no-budget is a damn near herculean effort of DIY filmmaking.” – Liam Maguren,
Everyone plays a part. Who’s going to play yours?
After a successful theatrical release and domestic television screenings in New Zealand, three nominations in New Zealand’s national film awards The Moas, and a festival appearance in New York City, the acclaimed black-comedy sci-fi thriller Jake is now available worldwide from for immediate purchase.
“Since we founded our filmmaking collective Hybrid Motion Pictures in 2008, we’ve been working on bringing our first feature to the world, and I’m ecstatic that day is finally here,” says writer/director Doug Dillaman. “We’ve made an off-beat film that has connected with audiences more than I ever expected. Now, everyone can see the fruits of our hard work in the comfort of their own home, and I look forward to seeing how new audiences respond.”
Having self-funded the production of Jake in 2009, and self-released the film to cinemas in 2014, it’s been a long road for this group of filmmaking friends. But critical praise, Moa nominations for Best Independent Feature and Best Supporting Actor (Leighton Cardno), a slot in New York’s Bushwick Film Festival, and prominent screenings on New Zealand’s premiere sci-fi network The Zone show that others have recognized the worth of this truly independent film.
Producer Alastair Tye-Samson says “We’ve done this ourselves every step of the way, up to and including our self-hosted VOD release. It’s been a monumental journey to learn not just how to make a film, but how to release it to the world, and now that we’ve reached the final step I can’t wait to get the next film off the ground!”
Jake is available for purchase (downloadable and DRM-free) exclusively from on its own for 5 USD, or in a special edition for 8 USD. The Special Edition includes deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes footage, a commentary audio track, the shooting script, and previous Hybrid short films, including Hybrid's 2013 48 Hours Grand National Finalist, Paralysis, directed by producer Tye-Samson and hand-picked for the finals by Peter Jackson, and a three-part loving homage of Troll 2 made in 2008 for the V 48Seconds competition. Paul Velat’s striking and unconventional score, as well as a selection of songs from the film, is scheduled for release in mid-October and will be made retroactively available to Deluxe Edition purchasers at that time.
Additional praise for Jake:
“A better, more fucked up version of a Charlie Kaufman movie.” – Peter Labuza, The Cinephiliacs
“A darkly funny slice of speculative reality brimming with high-concept ideas so rarely seen in a Kiwi film … has many of the hallmarks of a future cult favourite, and more than deserves to find that audience.” – Mark Roulston, Cinema Aotearoa
“Jake is an astonishingly assured long form debut from Dillaman and the team involved, a sign that Kiwi cinema is in rude health and that the budget is no confines for dreaming big in terms of ideas without ever losing sight of the emotional core needed to engage the audience.” – Darren Bevan,
“An imaginative and endlessly witty take on a potentially horrific premise … snappily edited with some superb performances.” – Sarah Watt, Sunday Star-Times
“A tonally assured, mordantly funny, cruelly pleasurable oddity that isn’t afraid to plumb some pretty dark depths for its truths.” – Judah Finnigan, The Wireless
“An entertaining and insightful slice of Twilight Zone-ish fun.” – Dominic Corry,
“Removed from the comforts of genre and with a creative imperative to experiment with tone and expectation, it’s a film made with a greater degree of difficulty, and is all the better for it.” – Tim Wong, The Lumière Reader
“Lively, thought provoking … well-written and paced … an engaging original film which stands apart from the bulk of local cinema.” – Jacob Powell,

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