Kiwis Are A Nation Of ‘Mindfulness’ Practitioners

Published: Tue 21 Jun 2016 10:36 AM
Kiwis Are A Nation Of ‘Mindfulness’ Practitioners
New research into the morning rituals of Kiwis reveals we have become a nation of ‘mindfulness’ practitioners.
The results show we prioritise our feelings by interspersing routine actions between moments of mindfulness, which respondents say are key to productivity in the office.
The ‘Morning Index’ surveyed 1,000 New Zealanders* and was commissioned by Nespresso to mark the launch of its Breakfast campaign that promotes the idea of ‘feel alive, not just awake’ in the morning.
The results show the current trend towards mindfulness – taking time to collect our thoughts, think about how we feel and live in the present moment – is now firmly embedded in our lives. This is reflected in the fact that 60 per cent of us take time on waking to live in the present moment.
A practice used to promote physical, psychological and social benefits, mindfulness is growing in popularity globally and has firmly embedded itself within Kiwi society. Rapidly rising numbers of adults using techniques such as the ritual of morning coffee, meditation or colouring books** are taking time out for themselves.
Rise and shine
We’re a nation of early risers (18 per cent of us rise before 6am and more than half of us get up before 7am) and a third of respondents say they feel calm and ready to face the day ahead when they wake. A further third state they need time to gather their thoughts and think about how they feel.
Morning rituals and mindfulness
Respondents detailed their top 10 morning rituals immediately after rising:
1: Brush their teeth (68 per cent)
2: Eat breakfast (67 per cent)
3: Have a shower (56 per cent)
4: Enjoy a first coffee of the day (36 per cent)
5: Decide on what to wear (34 per cent)
6: Watch or listen to the morning news (28 per cent)
7: Scroll through social media feeds (25 per cent)
8: Plan priorities for the day (20 per cent)
9: Shave (17 per cent)
10: Hit the snooze button several times (16 per cent)
The research pinpoints that for many Kiwis, we use our morning routines to be mindful, contemplating life and gathering thoughts for the day. For some it’s the shower (30 per cent), for others it’s taking time out for ‘me’ during a first cup of coffee (28 per cent) and for a third of us, commuting is our thinking time. For more than seven out of 10 New Zealanders, that’s only 30 minutes or less, although more than one third of Aucklanders' commute is up to an hour.
Productivity in the office
Once we’re in the office, productivity truly peaks between 9 and 11am for 57 per cent of Kiwis because we feel we have got so much done before we start work.
Mentally though, we don’t feel ready to start the working day until we’ve enjoyed our morning hot beverage (48 per cent). Interestingly, 9.10am is our most productive time when our minds are firmly on work after we’ve enjoyed our first coffee of the day and we’ve gathered our feelings.
Nespresso’s research shows we use the ritual of our morning coffee as a benchmark for productivity. Our morning coffee moment is just as much about mindfulness as it is about caffeine, as more than half (53 per cent) say it’s all about the soothing routine and some reflection ‘me’ time, as much as the actual drink.
And a warning for workmates: one in five coffee drinkers say it’s best not to approach them until they’ve had their first coffee (and they can’t start their to do list until that is done).
Dr. Chantal Hofstee, Psychology expert and author of ‘Mindfulness on the Run’ comments “According to Nespresso’s research, for 48 per cent of the respondents, their morning coffee is an essential part of their morning ritual. 53 per cent say it gives them a soothing moment of ‘me-time’ that helps them be more productive afterwards. From a psychological perspective this makes sense and it is about much more than just the caffeine.”
Dr. Chantal adds “Just two minutes of enjoying your morning coffee is an excellent way to give yourself a mini break from the morning rush. This reduces stress and increases productivity.”
“You can increase the benefits by making your morning coffee a mindful one. Putting all other things on hold and really tasting the coffee boosts productivity and wellbeing. As an added bonus you will enjoy your coffee even more.”
Nespresso New Zealand Country Manager, Guillaume Chesneau, says coffee is a crucial part of our morning routine. “Three quarters of our Club Members say their morning coffee is a ritual they savour no matter whether they start the day raring to go or in a more contemplative frame of mind.
“Our Grand Cru range now comprises 24 blends, enabling people to set the tone for their morning – mild or intense, short or long, caffeinated or decaffeinated. The 2016 Nespresso Breakfast Campaign is all about understanding where you fit in the profile and choosing the right Grand Cru to match your type.”
Morning Personalities
Nespresso has identified five different types of morning personalities based on research about how Kiwis start their day.
Dr. Chantal explains how making small tweaks to our morning routines can help us get a great start to the day.
The Zen Hunter
Feeling: Peaceful
•Needs quiet, no kids, no noise, no television
• 33% of us feel calm and ready to face the day ahead upon waking
Chantal’s morning tip for the Zen Hunter:
Take two minutes in the shower or over coffee to practice mindfulness. You will notice that, in time, you will be able to be Zen on the inside even when there is chaos around.
The Early Achiever
Feeling: Determined
•Rises early to be ahead of the others to get more done
• 24% of us tend to go to bed late and rise early so we can squeeze as much into the day as possible
Chantal’s top tip for the Early Achiever : Remember to slow down and smell the coffee, even if it is for just two minutes. This reduces stress making you more effective, efficient and productive meaning you will get done what you want to get done even faster.
The Mover
Feeling: Energised
•Healthy balanced living. Exercises and stays fit
• 37% of us have a vigorous approach to life and like to fit as much into the day as possible
• But only 7% of us wake up energised and raring to go
Chantal’s top tip for the Mover : Moving is healthy for your body and mind, reducing stress and getting the endorphins going. You can increase this effect even more by paying mindful attention to the process not just the outcome.
The Weekender
Feeling: Relaxed
•Looks forward to the slow burn of the day, plenty of time to think of all those activities that make you feel alive when you’re not working.
• 31% of us feel like we need some time to gather our thoughts.
Chantal’s top tip for the Weekender : Taking the time for a mindful breakfast lets you leave the week’s stresses behind and makes you enjoy your weekends even more.
The Snoozer
Feeling: Hurried
•They live for five minutes extra sleep, leaving less time in the day to get what they need to do done.
• 16% of us hit the snooze button several times
• 14% feel worried or stressed about the day ahead
Chantal’s top tip for the Snoozer: Fully soak up the bliss of the snooze and accept the rush that follows. Use your commute to calm your system down with a quick mindfulness exercise so the stress from the rush doesn’t linger.

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