Sexy Horror Just Got Hotter

Published: Fri 16 Aug 2013 12:18 PM
Sexy Horror Just Got Hotter
Enter the world of the perverted filmmaker and an unsuspecting wannabe actress. Anna: Scream Queen Killer, catalogues an all too realistic version of events in a gritty Grindhouse indie.
British actress, Melanie Denholme won an Indie Film Festival award for her portrait of the actress who has to go too far and now the film has been released the reviews are turning the project into a cool cult film.
The story goes that Anna auditions for a role in a horror film with a series of bizarre and highly erotic screen tests. The Director is totally silent and shoots alone as he slowly makes Anna do more and more sick and twisted roles. From being kidnapped by aliens to bursting out of a strange man sized balloon naked, Anna takes it all in her stride until one thing pushes her beyond her limits.
Some say that the film is a jibe at the real world of indie horror film making, some say it’s a warning, but whatever the case, Melanie Denholme pulls off the entire film in her own unique and enticing fashion. In fact her following has massively increased over the last few weeks with mainly male fans wanting more. Now Melanie is actually recording a scream queen single with some of the UK’s top record producers and is lining up the films.
Anna: Scream Queen Killer is from the infamous indie film label, Chemical Burn Entertainment, who are rapidly building a name for gruesome and far-out indie films. The writer and director, Aquinas, also shot another sexy horror with Melanie entitled Dark Satanic Magick, which is set for release later this year. They recently finished another production called Ancient Demon Succubi, which the director claims is the most shocking film to come out of the UK in decades and was shot with that intention.
The film, Anna: Scream Queen Killer is available widely or directly from the Chemical Burn Entertainment website here Melanie can be found at her official website
Trailer here
Official Title Description
The ultimate in actress exploitation, Scream Queen Killer takes you on a journey into the world of indie grindhouse film auditions with a mind bending twist. Anna is a young actress desperate to make it in the movies. She is invited to a series of filmed auditions, playing out various scenarios on camera. The problem is, the director is a perverted psychopath with only one thing on his mind. As Anna progresses through an ever more bizarre series of roles she slowly realizes that something is horribly wrong with this audition. Forced to strip and perform carnal acts in the name of the art, she eventually flips and takes matters into her own hands. A scenario many actresses may recognize in the industry, Scream Queen Killer is brutally realistic and superbly acted by Melanie Denholme (Lady of the Dark). How far is too far? And how far would you go to get the role?

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