ICF Junior & U23 Canoe Sprint World Championships, Canada

Published: Fri 2 Aug 2013 02:22 PM
2 August 2013
ICF Junior & U23 Canoe Sprint World Championships, Canada
1-4 August 2013
The U18 and U23 Teams kicked off their racing in Canada today at 9.00am (CAN) = 1.00am (NZ). Although showing strong performances in the Czech Nationals they are realistic about the increased level of competition at the Champs.
The first A Final of the competition was achieved by the Jun Womens K4 of Danielle Currie, Kim Thompson, Aimee Fisher and Rebecca Cole in the 500m race. The girls placed fifth in their heat forcing them into the Semi where they needed a "top three" placing to make the A Final. They did this in style, starting out strong and maintaining the top spot throughout the race to finish first in a time of 1.41.048.
Two more A Finals were secured - this time by the U23 men. Darryl Fitzgerald raced a sharp semi-final to place second only 0.31 seconds behind the Hungarian winner Dombvori; and the K2 crew of Zac Quickenden and Jarrod Fitzgerald took third in the K2 1000m in a time of 3.39.465 to snatch their spot in the A Final.
Kurtis Imrie had a great heat in the Jun MK1 1000m, finishing first in a time of 3.49.392 convincingly putting him through to the Semi. However, despite a strong performance and a better time in the semi he had to settle for fourth which puts him in the B Final on Saturday.
The Jun MK2 also had to settle for a B Final in the 1000m as Aiden Nossiter and Max Brown placed fifth in their semi in a time of 3.48.990.
The rest of the team races tomorrow in the early hours NZ time and there's sure to be some more exciting races. Click the link below to see the Junior Womens K4 Semi final race and interview.
Below are the links for timetables, results and the live broadcasts, plus a schedule of racing for the NZ Paddlers.
Timetable and Results:
Live Broadcasts:
Race Event Paddlers Time (CAN)Time (NZ) Progression / ResultDay 1 Thurs 1/8 Fri 2/8 2Jun WK4 500m D Currie, A Fisher,
K Thompson, R Cole 9.05am 1.05am 5th in 1.46.717 To Semi5 Jun MK1 1000mKurtis Imrie 9.36am1.36am1st in 3.49.392 To Semi12U23 MK1 1000mDarryl Fitzgerald10.32am2.32am4th in 3.43.784 To Semi17 Jun MK2 1000m Aiden Nossiter, Max Brown 11.12am 3.12am 4th in 3.24.372 To Semi24U23 MK2 1000mZ Quickenden, J Fitzgerald11.52am3.52am4th in 3.26.308 To Semi29Jun WK4 500m SemiD Currie, A Fisher,
K Thompson, R Cole 3.00pm7.00am1st in 1.41.048 To AF30-31Jun MK1 1000m SemiKurtis Imrie 3.15pm7.15am4th in 3.56.961 To BF35U23 MK1 1000m SemiDarryl Fitzgerald3.55pm7.55am2nd in 3.47.405 To AF40-41Jun MK2 1000m SemiAiden Nossiter, Max Brown 4.35pm8.35am5th in 3.48.990 To BF 43U23 MK2 1000m SemiZac Quickenden, Jarrod Fitzgerald4.59pm8.59am3rd in 3.39465 To AF Day 2 Fri 2/8Sat 3/8 48Jun MK4 1000mA Nossiter, M Brown, S Roy,
K Imrie9.08am1.08am 1-3 to AF, 4-7 +NBT to Semi, rest out52Jun WK1 500mDanielle Currie 9.38am1.38am 1-6 + 3NBT to Semi, rest out55 U23 WK1 500m Caitlin Ryan9.52am 1.52am 1 to AF, 2-7 to Semi, rest out56 U23 MK4 1000m Z Quickenden, J Bats,
D Fitzgerald, J Fitzgerald 10.07am2.07am 1-3 to AF, 4-7 +NBT to Semi, rest out59 Jun WK2 500m Kim Thompson, Aimee Fisher 10.35am2.35am 1-3 to AF, 4-7 +NBT to Semi, rest out61U23 WK2 500mLucy Johnson, Kayla Imrie10.45am2.45am 1-3 to AF, 4-7 +NBT to Semi, rest out62U23 MK4 1000mSemi final12.00pm4.00am1-3 to AF, rest out63-65Jun WK1 500mSemi finals12.15pm4.15am1-3 to AF, 4-6 to BF, rest out66-67U23 WK1 500mSemi finals12.30pm4.30am1-3 to AF, 4-7 + NBT to BF, rest out68U23 MK4 1000mSemi final12.50pm4.50am1-3 to AF, rest out69Jun WK2 500mSemi final1.05pm5.05am1-3 to AF, rest out70U23 WK2 500mSemi final1.10pm5.10am1-3 to AF, rest out73Jun MK1 200mKurtis Imrie3.10pm7.10am 1-7 + NBT to Semi, rest out79Jun WK1 200mAimee Fisher3.40pm 7.40am 1-6 + 3NBT to Semi, rest out91U23 WK1 200mKayla Imrie4.40pm8.40am 1 to AF, 2-7 to Semi, rest out96Jun K2 200mSam Roy, Taris Harker5.05pm9.05am 1 to AF, 2-7 to Semi, rest outDay 3Sat 3/8Sun 4/8102Jun WK4 500mA Final9.00am1.00am103Jun MK1 1000mB Final9.15am1.15am105Jun MK2 1000mB Final9.31am1.31am106Jun MK1 1000mA Final9.59am1.59am111U23 MK1 1000mA Final Darryl Fitzgerald10.44am2.44am114Jun MK2 1000mA Final11.34am3.34am116U23 MK2 1000mA Final Zac Quickenden, Jarrod Fitzgerald11.05am3.05am118-121Jun MK1 200mSemi finals3.00pm7.00am1-2 + NBT to AF, 3x3rd + 4x4th + 2x5th BT to final B, 3 NBT to final C, rest out.122-124Jun WK1 200mSemi finals3.20pm7.20am1-3 to AF, 4-6 to BF, rest out132-133U23 WK1 200mSemi finals4.10pm8.10am1-3 to AF, 4-7 + NBT to BF, rest out136-137Jun MK2 200mSemi Finals4.30pm8.30am1-3 to AF, 4-7 + NBT to BF, rest outDay 4Sun 4/8Mon 5/8140Jun MK1 200mC Final9.00am1.00am141Jun MK1 200mB Final9.05am1.05am142Jun WK1 200B Final9.10am1.10am144Jun MK2 200mB Final9.20am1.20am145Jun MK1 200mA Final9.25am1.25am146Jun WK1 200A Final9.30am1.30am149Jun MK2 200A Final10.09am2.09am151U23 WK1 200B Final10.35am2.35am155U23 WK1 200A Final10.55am2.55am159Jun MK4 1000mA Final2.00pm6.00am160Jun WK1 500mB Final2.15pm6.15am161Jun WK1 500mA Final2.20pm6.20am163U23 WK1 500mB Final2.38pm6.38am164U23 WK1 500mA Final2.43pm6.43am166U23 MK4 1000mA Final3.17pm7.17am167Jun WK2 500mA Final3.38pm7.38am168U23 WK2 500mA Final3.43pm7.43am

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