The Untold Stories Of New Zealand Music History

Published: Tue 12 Mar 2013 03:20 PM
Tuesday, 12 March 2013
The Untold Stories Of New Zealand Music History
The documentary series UNSUNG HEROES OF MAORI MUSIC returns with a brand new line-up of talented Maori entertainers of the past and present.
Starting Friday, March 22 at 8.00pm, the 13 part series continues to profile Maori musicians and entertainers who have been largely unrecognised by New Zealand mainstream media.
Producer Phil Crown says series three features a more contemporary line-up of unsung heroes, many of whom are still working in the music industry today.
They include Kiwi icon Tina Cross, New Zealand hip-hop pioneer Teremoana Rapley and award-winning country singer-songwriter Camille Te Nahu amongst other Maori musicians.
“The decision to go with more contemporary artists has changed the style of the show – it has more pace, more performance and a lot more reality,” says Crown.
“I think this is the best series yet.”
Narrated by Armand Crown, UNSUNG HEROES OF MAORI MUSIC tells the stories from a Maori perspective, with passion and perspective and the knowledge of someone from the music industry.
Tune in from Friday, March 22 at 8.00pm to learn the untold stories that lie beneath the radar of mainstream New Zealand music history.
Season three of UNSUNG HEROES OF MAORI MUSIC premieres on Maori Television on Friday, March 22 at 8.00 pm.
Episodic billings to follow:
Episode 1: Camille Te Nahu
Out of Gisborne’s Country Club emerges a pure voice, who is now an award winning songwriter, and one of Australia’s premier female vocalists.
Episode 2: Barry Leef
From a #1 NZ ‘60s smash hit, to being asked to join Frank Zappa, Barry Leef learnt his craft from his Māori upbringing.
Episode 3: Joe Haami
Said to be the last of his kind, Whanganui showman and multi-instrumentalist is a super talent with a gift for music.
Episode 4: Leyton Greening
The consummate professional, Leyton Greening has forged an outstanding career through hard work and dedication, now he is one of the most sought after drummers in Aotearoa.
Episode 5: Chris Powely
Premier vocalist Chris Powely who grew up in Papakura now travels the world entertaining audiences with his unmistakable voice.
Episode 6: Mahora Peters
This legendary singer with the Māori Volcanics took Māori culture to the world over 50 years ago, and continues to do so to this day.
Episode 7: Tina Cross
Kick starting her career as a teenage TV starlet, she has gone on to become one of our most beloved and enduring stars of stage and screen.
Episode 8: Ferguson Whānau
A love of music inspired this family to excel under the tutelage of mother Shirley, which has led to major international careers.
Episode 9: Bunny Walters
With his first release at age 16, Bunny Walters became one of the most in-demand television and recording artists of his time, with his soulful, powerful voice.
Episode 10: Thomas Stowers
A gifted singer from an early age with his distinctive baritone voice, Thomas Stowers is widely regarded as one of the best R vocalists in Aotearoa.
Episode 11: Teremoana Rapley
She is the first lady of Aotearoa Hip-Hop, soulful singer Teremoana is a pioneer of the industry.
Episode 12: The Hi Marks & Makuini
Only one member survives one of the most popular Māori groups ever, their songs live on. Since leaving Aotearoa in 1978, jazz singer Makuini has recorded and performed all over the world.
Episode 13: Freddie Tira
This larger than life entertainer is one of the original Māori show men, performing throughout Asia, Australia and the USA.
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