All the DVD you can eat from™

Published: Thu 8 Jul 2004 10:36 AM
All the DVD you can eat from™
Fed up with late fees? Don’t want to go out in the cold to drive to your local video store, or your local video store is miles away and doesn’t cater for your tastes?
Help is at hand …… now you can have all the DVDs you can EAT without ever having to leave the comfort of your home thanks to a revolution in DVD rental.™ has launched a comprehensive new website where DVDs can be rented and delivered straight to your home. And when you sign up, the first two weeks are absolutely free.
The concept is simple – you go online, order the movies you want to see and™ posts them out to you. You can keep them as long as you want and incur no late fees. Or you can return them as quickly as you want – as soon as you send one back, another is on its way.
There are different pricing plans to suit different budgets and needs. For as little as $6.91 per week, less than the price of just ONE new release from a video shop, customers can receive as many DVDs as they want, with two DVDs on hand at any given time; or pay $9.22 per week for 3 DVDs at a time.
Customers log straight on to their personalised home page and browse through the extensive catalogue of movies adding titles to their rental list as they go. Movies can be prioritized in order of preference. DVDs are posted out with a return freepost envelope for each DVD. As each movie is returned, the next available title on a subscriber’s wish list is automatically mailed out.
“™ offers a unique, personalised service to customers in the comfort of their own home. The chance to rent all the DVD movies you can eat for as little as $29.95 per month, with free delivery (and return) by regular mail and no late fees,” says Rob Berman, managing director, Westside Media Ltd.
“As well as offering subscribers unlimited rental, door-to-door delivery and a transparent pricing model,™ provides an invaluable and convenient service for people. In particular, those people who live in remote or rural areas, people who are very busy and people who have children will find this alternative means of renting DVDs a life saver.”
Subscribers will have access to a massive selection of movie titles, covering a wide variety of categories and tastes (everything from the latest releases to the classics, art-house, sports, music and documentaries). The site offers exclusive movie news and reviews from the™ movie expert Steven Gray.
“We are really excited about Steven joining the team, his incredible knowledge and passion for movies will be a huge benefit to the site and our customers.” says Berman.™ is the brainchild of Westside Media Ltd. The site employs uniquely sophisticated technology enabling subscribers to receive their movies in a fast and efficient manner.
“Our automated logistics system is operating successfully under commercial conditions in Australia, the UK and Europe. We are currently working with local distribution channels to ensure delivery to remote areas is both efficient and cost effective,” says Berman.™ is modeled on the successful USA site Netflix has over 2 million subscribers and grew by a staggering 80% in the last 12 months. currently ships over 600,000 discs a day – making it the single largest user of the US Postal system, exceeding even!
“Online movie rental is shaking up the video industry world wide. Our aim is to emulate the huge success of overseas websites and offer subscribers an alternative to traditional video rental stores,” says Berman.

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