Notable All Black Achievements in 2003

Published: Mon 1 Dec 2003 09:56 AM
Notable All Black Achievements in 2003
The 11 consecutive wins achieved in 2003 (June-November) was the third best Test winning sequence ever recorded by the All Blacks.
The All Blacks recorded seven Test scores of better than 50 in 2003 – which represents 20 percent of all All Black Test scores of over 50 points. Six of the scorelines achieved this year were recorded in Tests played outside of New Zealand.
New Zealand scored 81 tries in 14 Tests in 2003 – a record by any side in one calendar year. 40 of the tries were scored by the team’s wingers.
New Zealand used 31 players in Tests in 2003. Of the major nations, Australia (which used 37) was the only other country to use less than 40 Test players.
New Zealand achieved its biggest winning margins against Wales (52 points), South Africa (36 points) and Australia in Australia (29 points) in 2003.
The All Blacks became the first team to achieve back to back scores of 50 points during the 2003 Tri-Nations. Both were achieved away from home soil inside a week.
Neither Australia nor South Africa had conceded 50 points in a Test at home prior to playing the All Blacks this year.
New Zealand has achieved seven straight wins over South Africa – the last five while John Mitchell has been All Black coach. This is a record by any country against South Africa.
In 2003 New Zealand won a Bledisloe Cup series for the first time since 1997.
The All Blacks’ tally of 142 points in the 2003 Tri-Nations was the second highest ever recorded in that competition.
The All Blacks’ tally of 282 points was the most in pool play ever at a Rugby World Cup.
The All Blacks’ 52 tries, and combined total of 361 points, represent new tournament records for the Rugby World Cup.
New Zealand’s score of 40 points against France at the Rugby World Cup was its second highest in all matches against that country.
Other related coaching statistics of interest:
Rugby World Cup squad ages (all percentages have been rounded) England 2003
Forwards average age: 29
Backs average age: 28
Squad average age: 29
10 players who were part of England’s RWC squad in 1999 appeared in the 2003 final.
Forwards average age: 27
Backs average age: 26
Squad average age: 26
England fielded 14 survivors from its 1999 RWC squad at the 2003 tournament. England made the quarterfinals in 1999.
Australia 2003
Forwards average age: 26
Backs average age: 26
Squad average age: 26
Six players who appeared at the 1999 RWC participated again in the 2003 final.
Forwards average age: 28
Backs average age: 25
Squad average age: 27
Australia fielded 10 survivors from its 1999 RWC winning squad at the 2003 tournament.
Coaching Records compared
Eddie Jones (Australia)
Test Record (to end of November 2003)
Played 32, Won 19, Lost 12, Drawn 1
Winning percentage: 59.37
Clive Woodward (England)
Test Record (to end of November 2003)
Played 75, Won 56, Lost 17, Drawn 2
Winning percentage: 74.6
Woodward record 1997-99 (i.e. his first two years, to the end of the 99 RWC)
Played 28, Won 14, lost 12, drawn 2
Winning percentage: 50
Rod Macqueen (Australia)
Test Record (1997-2001)
Played 43, Won 34, Lost 8, Drawn 1
Winning percentage: 79
John Mitchell (New Zealand)
Test Record (2001-03, to the end of November)
Played 28, Won 23, Lost 4, Drawn 1
Winning percentage: 82
Historically the All Blacks winning percentage in Tests is 72%
Wayne Smith's coaching record: Played 17 (Tests), Won 12, Lost 5. Winning percentage: 71 percent.
England had 14 players from the 2003 Rugby World Cup tournament who also appeared in the 1999 RWC. Australia had 10 and New Zealand had two, including Justin Marshall who was on the bench in 1999.
Winning percentages for coaches: John Mitchell 82% (All Blacks historical success rate 72%)
Rod Macqueen 79%
Clive Woodward 74%
Eddie Jones 59%
All Blacks coaching records (those with 10 or more tests) Allen 100%
Wyllie 89.3
Mitchell 82.1
Lochore 77.8
Gleeson 76.9
Hart 75.6
McPhail 75.0
Rope 72.7
Mains 71.8
Morrison 69.2
Sullivan 63.6
Stewart 54.5
Vodanovich 40.0
Note: these are just winning percentages and do not include drawn matches.
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