Lush New Zealand Wins Product & Organisation Sustainability Awards

Published: Tue 28 May 2024 04:17 PM
Lush Australia & New Zealand has been recognised for their industry-leading commitment to sustainability, winning both the Organisation Sustainability Award and three Product Sustainability Awards! This impressive achievement reflects Lush’s dedication to minimising their environmental impact across every aspect of the business.Organisation Sustainability AwardLush won the Organisation Sustainability Award for their overall commitment to sustainability
This award is for a whole organisation (product or service-based) that has an exceptionally positive impact on the environment, and is significantly sustainable compared with others in the same industry. Organisations are assessed on how they operate and the impact they have across several environmental categories aligning with the UN Sustainable Development Goals of responsible consumption and production, climate action, life on land, clean water and sanitation and life below water.
Lush’s key organisational sustainability commitments are outlined below:Pioneering Packaging: Lush invented the “naked product” concept with their iconic bath bombs and solid bars. Nearly half of their products are packaging-free, and for those that do use plastic, they use Prevented Ocean Plastic™, recycled from ocean shores. They’re actively reducing plastic waste and finding innovative ways to reuse what already exists.Responsible Sourcing: Lush prioritises local ingredients whenever possible to minimise transportation emissions. They’re also 98% vegan and avoid palm oil, actively supporting alternative, sustainable options.Renewable Power: Lush stores are powered by renewable energy, and manual processes are used whenever possible instead of electricity-powered.Giving Back: They also champion environmental causes, supporting regenerative farming practices, funding rewilding projects, and encouraging sustainable alternatives.Product Sustainability Awards
This award is for products which are significantly sustainable compared with others in their category globally. Products are assessed on how they are made, packaged, distributed and the impact they have across several environmental categories. Lush’s three winning products recognised in the Sustainability Award Product category all embody their dedication to eco-friendly practices.Lush products that were awarded the Product Sustainability AwardOrca Naked Mascara: This innovative mascara uses solid ‘cake’ or paste in a cardboard tube, natural ingredients and a bio-based eco-flex application wand that can be recycled at home or returned to Lush for further processing.NEW Shampoo Bar: A customer favourite, this solid shampoo is packed with natural ingredients like invigorating peppermint and cinnamon leaf oil. The solid format eliminates the need for plastic bottles.
Full of Grace Facial Serum: This luxurious serum is handmade with natural ingredients and comes in a solid form, eliminating the need for packaging altogether. It can be stored in a reusable container.
By prioritising responsible sourcing, innovative packaging solutions, and a commitment to renewable energy, Lush is setting a positive example for the beauty industry as a whole.

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