Bridging The Cyber Resilience Gap In ANZ: A Call To Action

Published: Mon 20 May 2024 03:04 PM
The recent release of Commvault’s ‘ANZ State of Data Readiness report 2024’ has cast a spotlight on the critical gaps in cyber recovery efforts across Australian and New Zealand organisations. With cyberattacks on the rise, the findings reveal a significant disconnect between business leaders' expectations and the harsh reality of recovery times, underscoring the urgent need for improved cyber resilience strategies.
Business leaders surveyed in the report express a desire for rapid recovery, with 75% expecting operations to resume within five days of a cyberattack. However, IT professionals report that actual recovery times span from five to eight weeks, highlighting a stark contrast that can have severe implications for business continuity.
The high prevalence of cyberattacks in the region exacerbates this issue, with 62% of Australian and 68% of New Zealand companies experiencing at least one attack in the past year. Despite the increasing focus on cyber resilience, only 4% of organisations believe they have mature, proactive capabilities to manage such threats effectively.
Martin Creighan, Vice President for Asia Pacific at Commvault, emphasises the need for stronger cyber resilience: “The findings emphasise the critical gap between the expectation of rapid recovery and the harsh reality of extended downtimes. Organisations must prioritise strengthening their cyber resilience to safeguard against the increasing frequency and sophistication of cyber threats.”
One of the primary barriers to effective cyber resilience is the maturity of existing strategies. The report reveals that 50% of ANZ organizations have a ‘very immature’ cyber resiliency capability level. There is a pressing need for more robust incident response plans and investments in advanced technologies like AI and data immutability.
Additionally, the report suggests that rigorous testing of incident response plans is essential. However, many organisations face significant challenges, such as high costs, insufficient planning, and a shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals. Modern strategies like cleanrooms, which allow for cost-effective and routine testing of cyber recovery strategies, could be instrumental in mitigating these challenges.
As the cyber threat landscape continues to evolve, the findings from Commvault’s report serve as a crucial reminder of the importance of preparedness and proactive investment in cyber resilience. By addressing these gaps, ANZ organisations can better safeguard their operations and ensure a quicker recovery from inevitable cyber incidents.

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