Hipkins Is Wrong About What Labour Government Got Wrong

Published: Wed 1 May 2024 10:55 AM
The Taxpayers’ Union is slamming comments by Chris Hipkins that freezing MP pay under the Ardern government led to worse outcomes, arguing that he should instead reflect on the poor decision-making that made outcomes much worse over the past six years.
Chris Hipkins claimed on RNZ this morning that “every example of where we’ve meddled in the process as a Parliament in the past has led to worse outcomes rather than better outcomes.”
Responding to these comments, Taxpayers’ Union Campaigns Manager, Connor Molloy, said:
“Of all the decisions made by the previous government, it is embarrassing that Chris Hipkins’ only regret seems to be that his pay was frozen. The only bad outcome from freezing MP pay was felt by MPs personally with slightly less taxpayer money lining their pockets. The blame for the rest of the country’s problems sit squarely with politicians making terrible policy.
“Crime, education and health outcomes all got worse while government spending grew by 84% and debt spiralled out of control.
“It is the decisions of his Government that caused families to be struggling today. It is completely immoral to accept any pay increase until this country is turned back around.”
NOTE: The New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union is an independent and membership-driven activist group, dedicated to being the voice for Kiwi taxpayers in the corridors of power. Its mission, lower taxes, less waste, more accountability, is supported by 200,000 subscribed members and supporters.

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