NextWork Aims To Recruit 1000 Non-tech Workers For FREE AWS Certification

Published: Mon 22 Apr 2024 09:47 AM
We spend a third of our lives at work and edutech startup NextWork is on a mission to ensure that time is both enjoyable and well-paid. The startup has raised $Mil2.3 in a Pre-seed round led by GD1 to power the launch of a learning platform that will help upskill and prepare today’s workforce for a more digital future. The platform will focus on providing personalised learning journeys for students wanting to level up their tech skills and increase their earning potential. NextWork’s entry-level AWS certification has been tested by students with a circa 100% pass rate; and for a limited time, the course is FREE for up to 1000 candidates.
AI and technology are accelerating our productivity on a daily basis; but a traditional approach to acquiring new skills - such as full time studies - doesn't work for most adult learners with competing priorities such as a job or children. “At best, online learning isn’t working; and at worst, it’s stalling our progress as the gap between technology and how well prepared we are to use it is widening. Never before has this type of education been as essential; but there is a lot of ‘noise’ out there and it’s hard for learners to determine which institutions and classes are credible,” says Founder Amber Joseph.
What people need to thrive and not fall behind is easy-to-access and understand human-friendly training that will upskill and prepare them for a new career within an incredibly digitised world. NextWork has built a personalised learning platform that puts learners in control - including how fast they study; and how they prefer to learn. It aims to empower them to learn to create a career that works for them and to earn a thriving wage.
“Education is evolving quickly and there is no question that ‘in-person’ is moving to ‘online’. Many platforms out there claim to offer personalisation or ‘self paced’ learning, but their content doesn’t adjust; and the onus is on the user to simply ‘go slower’. NextWork stands head and shoulders above others in terms of delivering on the promise of a very different learning experience. What they have built has seen users vote with their feet; and GD1 is excited to see them grow their world-class offering,” comments John Kells, Co-Managing Partner at GD1.
The potential speed at which the platform could help upskill today’s workforce is held back only by resourcing - something its recent funding round will help address in terms of scaling the courses on offer and global launch. With additional participation from Blackbird, Icehouse Ventures, Phase One Ventures and the founders of Eucalyptus, the initial focus is on its highly scalable, entry-level AWS certification course that caters for those with ‘zero experience with tech’.
“The current education system doesn't upskill people quickly enough to adapt to the rapidly changing future of work. Our goal is to recruit 1000 participants into tech as soon as possible; and to prove that our approach is the best way to implement learning journeys for non-technical candidates at scale,” says Amber.Founder Amber Joseph (Photo Supplied)
With aggressive growth targets, AWS needs to attract a broader range of people to undergo certification; but the options for those looking to make a gradual career switch such as busy mums and dads; or nurses, teachers and labourers have yet to be built out. “It’s common for non-technical people to leave after the first hour of training as most courses cater for those already entrenched in the technical consulting industry; they’re simply not built for everyday people,” explains Amber.
Most candidates need the certification itself, but also to understand what’s involved in a new career; connections within their industry; and help with interview prep. “All these things are often missing from core offerings already on the market. NextWork has bundled these into an AWS certification course which has historically earned participants an average $20k rise in pay. The first official cohort of students will enable the startup to further refine the learning experience as it prepares to take the offering global.
Applications for the first official cohort of NextWork’s FREE AWS certification course are open. Students will start their certification journey in the second half of this year and studies will be self-paced. To join the waitlist, CLICK HERE or join the NextWork community for ongoing career inspiration.About NextWork
NextWork is a hyper-personalised education platform that is changing the way we all learn online. NextWork stands out because of the hyper-personalised collection of videos and content it offers each user in their learning journey. Think of NextWork as your own personal tutor - one that adapts to your learning behaviour and progress on the fly. No two NextWork users will see the same combination of NextWork content on their course. Their entire learning experience is unique and highly personalised. In fact, the type of content you see will evolve over time, as the app recalibrates to your changing learning preferences.
Join a waitlist for an early version of NextWork and their pilot AWS course here:

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