Final July And August Extreme Weather Claims Top $123m

Published: Wed 14 Dec 2022 08:48 AM
Final claims data released today by the Insurance Council of New Zealand Te Kāhui Inihua o Aotearoa (ICNZ) show that extreme weather-related claims spanning five events across July and August has reached 11,086 claims valued at $123.8 million. This is an increase of 35% or $32.1 million on provisional reporting for these climate-related events.
"We are used to reporting separately on discrete climate related events, but this is an example of something different", said ICNZ Chief Executive, Tim Grafton. "Wave after wave of extreme wet weather led to weeks of local flooding and slips during what NIWA has declared as Aotearoa New Zealand’s warmest and wettest winter on record [1] . This is certainly reflected in the damage and disruption across the motu."EventDate(Provisional)FinalClaimsNew Zealand weather11-13 July($15.38 m)$18.21 m 2,914South Island weather17-21 July($16.1 m)$20.56 m 2,274New Zealand weather24-27 July($15.38 m)$18.21 m 2,228Nelson Tasman floods18-21 August($21.63 m)$31.14 m 1,575Rest of New Zealand18-21 August($26.34 m)$36.7 m 2,095Totals ($91.67 m)$123.78 m11,086
"There is a clear pattern here of repeat bands of extreme rain saturating the ground making it more prone to slips, flooding and resultant infrastructure damage, including to roads," added Tim. "As the long-term warming trend continues, we can expect this to keep happening.
"We want central and local government to work with communities to invest in resilience. If risks are not reduced, then the trauma of these events, the risk to lives, disruption to local business and damage to the environment, economy and communities will keep getting worse."
The running total for extreme weather events for 2022 currently stands at $335.58 million, a new record. The cost of claims for November’s extreme weather events will be reported in the New Year. The figures above are just for general insurance. They do not include the cost of claims met by Toka Tū Ake EQC, by local government for running emergency and clean-up operations nor for road repairs.
Notes to EditorsICNZ data collection process
1. Once an event has concluded, ICNZ issues a notice to its members to record data for it.
2. Provisional data are available around four weeks after the event after policy holders have lodged claims and initial assessments have been made.
3. Final numbers are reported after around three months once the cost of claims is known.
4. While ICNZ members manage EQCover claims on behalf of Toka Tū Ake EQC. The cost of EQCovr claims is not included in ICNZ data.WEATHER-RELATED LOSSES - Final FiguresNew Zealand weather 11-13 July 2022Line Number of Claims Total $ Amount
Domestic 2,315 12,379,046
Commercial Material Damage 359 3,702,461
Business Interruption/Loss of Profits 9 254,935
Marine (including Land Transit) 1 3,523
Trailercraft 0 nil
Moored craft 3 107,501
Motor Vehicle 206 1,355,807 Crops 0 nil
Other 21 410,631TOTAL 2,914 18,213,904WEATHER-RELATED LOSSES - Final FiguresSouth Island weather 17-21 July 2022Line Number of Claims Total $ Amount
Domestic 1,522 8,476,052
Commercial Material Damage 378 7,340,484
Business Interruption/Loss of Profits 4 782,370
Marine (including Land Transit) 0 nil
Trailercraft 1 1,966
Moored craft 1 423
Motor Vehicle 350 2,074,974 Crops 0 nil
Other 18 1,885,034TOTAL 2,274 20,561,303WEATHER-RELATED LOSSES - Final FiguresNew Zealand weather 24-27 July 2022Line Number of Claims Total $ Amount
Domestic 1,728 10,357,875
Commercial Material Damage 315 5,082,410
Business Interruption/Loss of Profits 8 46,309
Marine (including Land Transit) 3 66,351
Trailercraft 0 nil
Moored craft 1 3,639
Motor Vehicle 151 1,049,044 Crops 0 nil
Other 22 571,610TOTAL 2,228 17,177,238WEATHER-RELATED LOSSES - Final FiguresNelson - Tasman floods and slips 18 - 21 August 2022Line Number of Claims Total $ Amount
Domestic 1,274 20,759,513
Commercial Material Damage 189 7,208,029
Business Interruption/Loss of Profits 35 1,148,618
Marine (including Land Transit) 1 1,447
Trailercraft 0 nil
Moored craft 1 345
Motor Vehicle 61 489,669 Crops 0 nil
Other 14 1,536,113TOTAL 1,575 31,143,734WEATHER-RELATED LOSSES - Final FiguresRest of Aotearoa New Zealand 18 - 21 August 2022Line Number of Claims Total $ Amount
Domestic 1,639 28,480,635
Commercial Material Damage 315 4,923,724
Business Interruption/Loss of Profits 17 1,786,699
Marine (including Land Transit) 3 13,124
Trailercraft 0 nil
Moored craft 3 75,234
Motor Vehicle 94 531,876 Crops 0 nil
Other 24 893,184TOTAL 2,095 36, 704,476

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