Tips For Moving To Australia From New Zealand

Published: Tue 29 Nov 2022 09:25 AM
Are you thinking of moving from the land of the long white cloud to the Green and Gold? In 2021, up to 2,700 Kiwis moved over to Australia, reversing a trend where Aussies came over here.
If you’re thinking of making a hop across the ditch to settle in Australia, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions – and you’ll need to set yourself up as a proper Aussie (that doesn’t mean embracing Pat Cummins as your captain, of course.)
Here are some tips and truths about moving to Australia from New Zealand, such as what visas you need, whether you need health insurance, how to buy cars, and more.
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No – thanks to the Trans-Tasman Agreement, New Zealand citizens have a Special Category Visa that is automatically assigned to you when you enter Australia. That means you have the right to work as soon as you step foot on Australian soil. Finding a job in Australia may be easier than ever due to chronic skills shortages in a range of industries. You may not be eligible for social welfare, student loans, or work for the Federal Government unless you apply for permanent residency.
However, you will need to apply for a Tax File Number before you start collecting any kind of income. This can take up to a month, so complete the application well before you set foot in Australia.Bank accounts and moving money
Before moving to Australia, it’s best to open a bank account so you can start using local currency and be set up for any job you get. Don’t use a bank-to-bank transfer of your NZ dollars though – use a specialist foreign exchange, who usually pass on more favourable rates and lower fees. They may also stagger your transfers when the exchange rates are best for you using limit orders.Paying tax in Australia
At this point, you will have your Tax File Number. As for paying tax, you will be paying the 10% Government GST on goods and services automatically (prices are calculated before purchase) and income tax is levied using a Pay As You Go (PAYG) system, which is automatically deducted from each pay packet. You should consult an accountant when tax time comes (June 30) and whether you want/need to consider yourself a resident for tax purposes. If you are an independent contractor, you’ll need to register for an Australian Business Number (ABN) – and you may have to register to collect GST.Buying or renting property in Australia
Buying property in Australia is much like it is in New Zealand if you’re buying as an owner-occupier in metropolitan areas. You might also be eligible for the first homeowner’s grants. However, you are treated as a foreign citizen if you want to buy rural and commercial property, which may have to be looked at by the Foreign Investment Review Board of Australia. You can also rent property without any trouble, though many agencies will ask for a residential history as part of your application.Buying a car in Australia as a New Zealand citizen
Australia is 7.7 million square kilometres wide – walking is not usually an option! That means you’ll have to buy a car if you don’t already have one. You can use your NZ drivers licence for the first three months of arrival in Australia; after that you will need to visit your state or territory motoring authority to apply for a drivers licence.
As for buying a car, you can either buy from a dealer or a private seller. Dealers are more expensive but sell new cars and have many consumer protections. Private sellers are usually cheaper but there’s a lot of running around and almost no protections if you buy a lemon.
As for finance, you can learn about auto loans and apply for them – there is usually no restriction or special requirements for Kiwis to apply for car finance in Australia. Since New Zealanders are automatically granted a 444 visa upon entry, they will receive similar rights to an Australian citizen. As such, the typical loan application conditions of a credit check, proof of employment or income and preference for borrowers with a deposit, all apply. If taking up a new job in Australia, most lenders will want proof applicants have completed their probationary period (typically 3 months).Studying in Australia
If you have children, you can enrol them in primary school or secondary school (there is no intermediate equivalent in Australia) You can also study at a university or TAFE (technical college) but you may not be eligible for any Higher Education Contribution Scheme or student loans. You will also be paying domestic resident fees instead of the higher international student fees.Healthcare in Australia
New Zealand and Australia have a reciprocal healthcare arrangement, so you can access the Medicare health care scheme and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. You can apply for a Medicare card if you have lived in Australia for six months out of a previous twelve or have applied for permanent residency. You can also purchase private health cover, though this is optional.Moving your things over
The question is – do I move everything I have over in a shipping container or sell the stuff at home and buy it all in Australia? Of course, you can’t replace sentimental attachments to certain items. You will have to pay for Customs and Quarantine inspections, the shipping container itself, and insurance. Be sure to shop around and begin the shipping as soon as possible, as you can encounter delays.
For more information about moving to Australia, refer to the NZ Government and Australian Government websites.About Us
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