Create Indulgent Coffee Recipes At Home With Nespresso Barista Creations Flavoured For Vertuo

Published: Wed 5 Oct 2022 06:13 PM
Celebrating the beginning of the holiday season, it’s time to get creative with Nespresso’s latest additions to its Barista Creations Flavoured range.
Inspired by decadent desserts, Nespresso’s Barista Creations Flavoured range captures professional coffee expertise, with each flavour allowing you to easily create delicious and elevated coffee moments. A limited-edition seasonal Pumpkin Spice Cake joins two new permanent coffees for Vertuo, Chocolate Fudge and Hazelino Muffin.
“When you fancy an indulgent treat, our flavoured coffees are the ideal choice,” shares Nespresso New Zealand Coffee Ambassador Jaime Conger. “Inspired by the expertise of some of the world’s finest baristas, our new additions to the Barista Creations Flavoured family were specifically designed for a perfect harmony of flavours. Whether adding milk or enjoying a flavoured black coffee, we think you’ll love bringing these coffee shop style creations to life.”Have fun with flavours with Nespresso Barista CreationsPumpkin Spice Cake – NEW. LIMITED EDITION/SEASONALAvailable in Vertuo and Original
Extraction: Mug 230ml (Vertuo) | 40ml & 110ml (Original)
Notes: Sweet pumpkin and clove
RRP: $1.70 per capsule (Vertuo) | $1.40 per capsule (Original)
Inspired by the rich world of the holiday season, this limited-edition coffee delights with a wide range of spice notes such as cloves, cinnamon and cardamom. Combined with a sweet pumpkin flavour, this creates a smooth Arabica blend from Latin American and African coffees for an indulgent treat. With the addition of a dash of milk, the spice notes are softened for a sweeter and smoother coffee with buttery biscuit notes.Chocolate Fudge - NEWAvailable in Vertuo
Extraction: Mug 230ml
Notes: Smooth, rich and chocolatey
RRP: $1.40 per capsule
For your intense chocolate pleasure! A rich and deliciously elegant dark chocolate fudge flavour runs through this blend of Latin American and African coffees. Brazilian coffee gives the blend roundness and balance, whilst Ethiopian coffee in the second split brings delicate aromatics and finesse. Into that smooth blend comes the chocolate fudge flavour. Try Chocolate Fudge with a dash of milk for a real chocolate-flavoured treat, delivering notes of cereal and subtle caramel sweetness.Hazelino Muffin - NEWAvailable in Vertuo
Extraction: Mug 230ml
Notes: Sweet and velvety
RRP: $1.40 per capsule
A smooth and sweet flavoured coffee. Starting with a base blend of Latin American and African Arabicas, these coffees get a medium dark split roast that develops the roundness and rich texture of this espresso, allowing the soft biscuit notes to glow in the cup. Try Hazelino Muffin with a dash of milk to bring out its rich biscuit and pastry character even more.Indulgent coffee recipes to start the holiday season right:
“October marks the start of the holiday season for many coffee-lovers around the world, with pumpkin flavours typically celebrated around Halloween,” shares Jaime. “Pumpkin Spice is a flavour that’s synonymous with celebrations this time of year, and almost feels like a welcome to the start of a season of indulgence.
“We’re celebrating two of the new additions to the Barista Creations Flavoured range with our elevated coffee recipes, along with existing Vertuo fan favourite Vanilla Custard Pie. All our recipes have been tested with alternative milks, with New Zealand’s much-loved oat milk coming out as our top recommendation across each of the three recipes below.”PUMPKIN SPICE LATTEWith NESPRESSO VERTUO PUMPKIN SPICE CAKE
Ingredients:1 x Vertuo Pumpkin Spice Cake capsule35g White Chocolate125ml Dairy or Oat MilkPinch of Ground All SpiceVertuo Mug
Method:Place 35g White Chocolate into Barista milk device.Add 125ml Oat Milk and froth on ‘Mocha Viennois’ setting until complete.Extract 1 x Pumpkin Spice Cake capsule into Mug.Add the white chocolate and milk mixture.Top with Ground All Spice.CHOCOLATE FUDGE MOCHA
Ingredients:1 x Vertuo Chocolate Fudge capsule20 g Milk Chocolate125ml Dairy or Oat MilkChocolate PowderVertuo Mug
Method:Froth 125ml of milk in Barista or Aeroccino4 milk device and pour into the bottom of Mug.Place 20g Milk Chocolate bar across the rim of the Mug.Extract 1x Chocolate Fudge capsule directly over the top of the chocolate, letting it fall into the cup as it melts.Top with Chocolate Powder.HONEY AND VANILLA LATTEwith NESPRESSO VERTUO VANILLA CUSTARD PIE
Ingredients:1 x Vertuo Vanilla Custard Pie capsule80ml Dairy or Oat Milk1 tsp honey5g crushed honeycomb to garnishVertuo Mug
Method:Add 80ml of oat milk and 1 tsp honey to your Barista milk device and froth on 'Latte Art' setting.Extract 230ml Vanilla Custard Pie into a Vertuo Mug.Pour milk and honey mixture over the top.Top with crushed honeycomb.
Nespresso Vertuo Barista Creations Flavoured range is available online and at Nespresso Boutiques now, RRP $11.40 per sleeve of 10 capsules. For more information on Nespresso’s Barista Creations Flavoured range please visit

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