Adult Orthodontics Have Come A Long Way

Published: Tue 27 Jul 2021 06:38 AM
Not too long ago, there was precious little that could be done to help adults with overbites, underbites, tooth crowding, or other forms of problematic teeth (known as malocclusion in the world of dentistry). Thankfully, the science of dentistry has come a long way in the past two decades or so, and now adults with even the worst forms of malocclusion have options available to them.
Of course, there are always the traditional braces that consist of metal wires that are fitted and tightened to move the teeth into their correct positions. But many adults do not like this option, as these braces can be rather unsightly, and often take a long time before achieving the desired results. One popular alternative is Invisalign, which functions essentially the same as braces, but comes in the form of a transparent aligner (similar to a mouth guard, but more streamline) that is placed over the teeth. While this option is pricier, it often works quicker than traditional braces, and there’s the added benefit of them being far less obvious.
Other options include veneers, where the original teeth are either capped or wholly replaced with ceramic or porcelain ones; lingual braces, where the braces at fitted at the back rather than the front of the teeth; ceramic braces that blend better with the tooth colour; and retainers that patients can easily remove themselves, as needed.
While there is the possibility that surgery may also be needed, that would depend on the severity and origin of the issue. For example, if your teeth are severely misaligned because your jaw is misaligned, there may only be so much that braces or Invisalign alone can do. Since surgery should always be a last resort, however, there are currently various non-invasive alternatives being trialled. It’s recommended that you discuss these options with your orthodontist before choosing surgery.

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