Kiwi Health Start-up Really Know Their Greens

Published: Fri 4 Dec 2020 10:42 AM
The post-Covid economy is not fazing one Kiwi start-up which is relying on the power of green – vegetables that is, not money – to boost their business and our lives.
Well And Good Limited has been set up by a group of New Zealand friends who worked together in the healthcare industry for more than 30 years, and who strongly believe in the healing power of food and nutrition.
They’ve just launched the new business with their hero product FourHealth Green, a twice-a-day capsule containing the wonder ingredient Sulforaphane, which is found in three-day-old broccoli sprouts. It can be purchased online at or at selected pharmacies.
FourHealth Green director Mary-Lou Duder says: “It’s so common these days to hear people talking about how tired and rundown they are, with no idea of what to do about it.
“We got frustrated with the healthcare industry focusing so much on pharmaceuticals and surgery so we set out to find evidence-based products that could deliver genuine proactive health benefits.
“Of course, eating well, exercising and staying connected are of the utmost importance. But if we can give people an extra bit of help to be the best they can be, why wouldn’t we? That’s the idea behind FourHealth and we will only be launching products that are backed by proven scientific research” says Duder.
That’s certainly not an issue for the hero product FourHealth Green, as more than 2,600 studies have been done around the world outlining the benefits of Sulforaphane.
They include helping your body produce its own natural antioxidants, especially in the liver. It can also enhance immunity and counteract the effects of stress, poor diet, alcohol, smoke and air pollutants, and UV radiation. In addition, Sulforaphane supports disease prevention, anti-aging and cognition, and protects against cardiovascular and neurodegenerative illness.
The evidence of its effectiveness includes ongoing research by the prestigious Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, which has been a leading player in the US response to Coronavirus pandemic.
“They’ve been investigating Sulforaphane for more than 20 years,” says Franklin. “Their scientists first found that cruciferous vegetables like broccoli offered protection from illness, and then they isolated Sulforaphane as the key molecule responsible. Subsequently, they proved three-day-old broccoli sprouts were the most concentrated source of Sulforaphane.
“Research has also shown Sulforaphane is nature’s most potent antioxidant inducer – up to 25 times more potent than curcumin (the active ingredient in turmeric).”
Well And Good searched worldwide to find the best organic grower of Sulforaphane-yielding broccoli sprouts and was delighted to find them just across the ditch in Queensland. The baby sprouts get sent from there to Nelson for encapsulation at New Zealand’s leading GMP-certified manufacturer.
“In Australia, one supermarket chain reported a seven per cent lift in the sprout category last year and one of the most popular varieties is the broccoli sprout with its large amount of sulforaphane,” says Duder.
Each FourHealth Green capsule contains a full strength dose of Sulforaphane (between 7 and 9mg per capsule) and the recommended two a day is equal to eating 1kg of cooked broccoli.
“Broccoli is a great green but that’s a lot to consume in one go. It’s just so much easier to knock back a couple of capsules, and no other product comes close to the power of FourHealth Green.”
FourHealth Green boosts your body’s production of antioxidants, which leads to:
· Improved immunity – fewer colds and infections
· Better heart health
· Improved clearing of toxins (from alcohol and tobacco)
· Mental clarity – no more foggy head
· Support for joint, immune, brain, digestive and lung health
· Better skin
· Enhanced wellbeingAbout Us:
FourHealth Green is made by New Zealand company, Well And Good Ltd which believes in the healing power of nutritional and food-based supplements using an evidence-based approach. The Kiwi founders have more than 15 years’ experience in the natural health and healthcare sector. FourHealth Green capsules, the company’s hero product, are made from 3-day-old broccoli sprouts which contain high levels of Sulforaphane, which extensive research has shown has antioxidant, antimicrobial, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, neuroprotective and anti-diabetic properties. The broccoli sprouts used are organically grown in Queensland and then sent to Nelson for encapsulation at New Zealand’s leading GMP-certified manufacturer. FourHealth Green can be purchased online at or at 10 Unichem/Life pharmacies and in the Auckland and Bay of Plenty region.

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